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Stage: Definition, Design, Planning, Development

Pr Rank Feature Stage Target Lead eng Directly Responsible Individual
P1 1 Silent Update Development ` ` Lawrence Mandel
P1 1.1 Silent Update: Updated workflow for users with incompatible add-ons Planning ` Robert Strong Lawrence Mandel
P1 2 Migrate Chrome settings and data Development Firefox 11 Makoto Kato, Marco Bonardo Asa Dotzler
P1 6 Multi Search Development ` Frank Yan Alex Limi
P1 10 Plugin keyboard focus Definition ` Josh Aas Asa Dotzler
P1 11 UI animations Development ` Frank Yan Frank Yan
P1 16 In-browser translation Definition ` ` `
P1 17 Focus Mode Definition ` ` `
P1 999 Tab move/detach animations Development ` Frank Yan Alex Limi
P1 999 Speedy Session Restore Development ` Dietrich Ayala Lawrence Mandel
P2 1 Firefox Share Planning ` Dietrich Ayala / Davd Dahl Chris Lee
P2 2 Improved missing plugin experience Planning ` ` Justin Dolske
P2 3 Ability to run concurrent channels Design ` ` Alex Limi
P2 5 Global App Tabs Development ` Paul O'Shannessy Paul O'Shannessy
P2 7 Add plugincheck functionality to Add-on Manager Planning ` ` `
P2 8 Replace keyword.URL to follow Search Bar and/or allow independent setting of provider Definition ` TBD (Gavin?) Kev Needham
P2 10 Streamline Firefox Feature Selection (add-ons and off-by-default features) Definition ` ` `
P2 11 Blocklist UX enhancements [Plug-ins] Definition ` ` Kev Needham
P2 15 Stub Installer and UI update Development ` Robert Strong Robert Strong
P2 999 Import settings from Sync Definition ` ` Alex Faaborg
P2 999 Improve the geolocation UX so it's better connected to the user Definition ` ` `
P2 999 Add AppTab via distribution.js Definition 1.0 TBD Kev Needham
P2 999 Disable addons that don't observe "private-browsing" event/opt-in Definition ` ` `
P2 999 Add support for 64-bit Firefox Windows 7/Vista Definition ` ` `
P2 999 OS dialog for Mac Definition ` ` Chris Lee
P2 999 Personas Rotator Definition ` Dao Gottwald Deb Richardson
P2 999 Convert remaining window-modal dialogs to tab-modal Design ` ` Justin Dolske
P2 999 Improve Add-on Installation Design ` ` Jennifer Boriss
P2 999 Improve display of location bar results Development Firefox 17 Andrew Hurle Stephen Horlander
P2 999 OS X 10.7 support Development Firefox 16 ` Alex Limi
P2 999 Hide toolbars for app tabs by default Development ` Felipe Gomes Alex Limi
P2 999 Improve Panorama interactions Development ` Tim Taubert Alex Limi
P2 999 Eliminate redundant title text Development ` Adam [:hobophobe] Frank Yan
P2 999 Use PFS2 as Plugin Finder data source Development ` ` Kev Needham
P2 999 Provide a standalone feedback button Planning ` Jono Xia Aakash Desai
P2 999 Plugin crash comments Planning ` ` Sheila Mooney
P3 999 Expose add-on impact information at AMO and in Firefox Definition ` Hernan Rodriguez Colmeiro, Dave Dash, Justin Dolske Justin Scott
P3 999 In-flight as-it-happens control of disclosure Definition ` ` `
P3 999 Improved themes and Personas selection Definition ` Dave Townsend Dave Townsend
P3 999 Make crash reports helpful and easier to access Definition ` Blair McBride Sheila Mooney
P3 999 Integrate search engines into the Add-ons Manager Definition ` ` `
P3 999 Allow uninstalling third-party installed add-ons Definition ` ` Dave Townsend
P3 999 Remove version from About window Design ` ` Chris Lee
P3 999 All-Windows UI for Panorama Design ` Tim Taubert Alex Limi
P3 999 Streamline the visual appearance of the search field Development ` Margaret Leibovic Alex Faaborg
P3 999 In-content UI Visual Unification Development ` Blair McBride Blair McBride
P3 999 In-content preferences Development Firefox 15 Jon Rietveld Jared Wein
Unprioritized 999 Ark - An open dev tools directory Definition Q1 2013 Arron Schaar Daniel Buchner
Unprioritized 999 Improve find-in-page Development Firefox 25 Mike de Boer Jennifer Boriss
Unprioritized 999 Improved plugin installation and management experience Planning ` Rob Strong `
Unprioritized 999 Windows Plugin Hang UI Planning Firefox 19 Aaron Klotz bsmedberg
` 999 Native Sign In to Website Development ` Austin King (ozten) `

Dev Release: Top Bug List

Pr Rank Bug # Description
P1 691951 Telemetry prompt gets dismissed without user interaction
P1 539546 Trigger password autofill earlier to avoid overwriting unnecessary user input
P1 568409 The Preferences dialog should not be modal
P1 407981 Delayed shutdown makes it impossible to start Firefox immediately after exiting
P1 260611 leave bookmarks menu open when I middle-click a bookmark
P1 334987 Only play sounds from current tab/window
P1 355063 Password manager does not work on script-generated forms
P1 378775 implement Opera's behavior for selecting text inside of a link and link drag and drop
P1 425145 User Option to Save ID and Password When autocomplete equals off
P1 545595 Warn the user when he is about to send a credit card number over non-SSL
P1 565764 Scrollbar gets too small to use on long pages
P1 549697 Add click-to-start form of disabled plugins
P1 566510 Allow multiselect operations on tabs
P1 583890 When the full page title is not shown remove redundant text in tabs
P1 597593 Move undo tabs/windows to the List All Tabs menu
P1 259059 Show when CAPS-LOCK is on and focus is in a password field
P1 171237 Scroll view a few lines beyond occurrence of found search term with type ahead find and toolkit find to show more context instead of last line/bottom of page
P1 693253 Search on page results visibility should be improved
P1 342101 Find bar: Auto-highlight all matches in page
P1 248955 search box should be tab-specific (content should not persist when switching tabs)

Stage: Landed

Pr Rank Feature Stage Target Lead eng Feature manager
P1 5 New Tab Page Landed Firefox 13 Tim Taubert Chris Lee
P1 7 Web Apps Integration to Desktop Landed Firefox 15 Felipe Gomes Lawrence Mandel
P1 8 Firefox Home Tab Landed Firefox 13 ` Chris Lee
P1 15 Network Installer Landed Firefox 23 Rob Strong Kev Needham
P1 999 Enable Smooth scrolling Landed Firefox 13 Jared Wein Lawrence Mandel
P1 999 Windows Start-up Performance improvements Landed Firefox 15 Brian Bondy Lawrence Mandel
P1 999 Cycle Collector Perf improvements Landed Firefox 13 Andrew McCreight Lawrence Mandel
P1 999 Incremental garbage collection Landed Firefox 15 ` David Mandelin
P1 999 Ensure user accepts add-ons installed by third-party apps Landed Firefox 8 Dave Townsend Dave Townsend
P1 999 Automatic Session Restore with Tabs on Demand Landed Firefox 13 Paolo Amadini Asa Dotzler
P1 999 Confirm add-ons on upgrade Landed Firefox 8 Dave Townsend Dave Townsend
P1 999 Hang Detector and Reporter Landed Firefox 14 Vladan Djeric Lawrence Mandel
P2 4 Panel-based Download Manager Landed Firefox 20 Paolo Amadini, Mike Conley Marco Bonardo
P2 11 Add People Search to Firefox (Twitter) Landed Firefox 8 ` `
P2 999 Inline URL autocomplete Landed Firefox 14 Marco Bonardo Alex Limi
P2 999 Per-window Private Browsing Landed Firefox 20 Josh Matthews Josh Matthews
P2 999 Expose prefs for tabs-on-demand Landed Firefox 8 Paul O'Shannessy Alex Limi
P2 999 Media Controls Refresh Landed Firefox 12 Jared Wein, Paul Adenot Asa Dotzler
Unprioritized 999 Exception To Silent: What's new? Landed ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 Downloads API Landed Firefox 26 Paolo Amadini Paolo Amadini

Stage: Shipped

Pr Rank Feature Stage Target Lead eng Feature manager
P1 1.1 Silent Update: Background updates Shipped Firefox 15 Ehsan Akhgari Lawrence Mandel
P1 1.1 Silent Update: Lessen the display of app update UI Shipped Firefox 8 Tim Taubert Lawrence Mandel
P1 1.1 Silent Update: Removal of OS security dialog for Windows Shipped Firefox 12 Brian Bondy Lawrence Mandel
P1 1.1 Silent Update: Add-ons Default to Compatible Shipped Firefox 10 Blair McBride (client), Wil Clouser (AMO) Lawrence Mandel
P1 1.1 Silent Update: Lessen the showing of the what's new page Shipped Firefox 8 Laura Mesa Lawrence Mandel
P1 4 Theme Refinement and Evolution (Australis) Shipped Firefox 29 ` Stephen Horlander
P1 9 Ability to clean up user profile Shipped Firefox 13 Matthew Noorenberghe Matthew Noorenberghe
P1 999 Panorama groups should always persist Shipped Firefox 6 Tim Taubert Alex Limi
P1 999 Link plugin checker from AOM Shipped Firefox 6 Hernan Colmeiro Dave Townsend
P1 999 Simple options for add-ons embedded in the main UI Shipped Firefox 7 Geoff Lankow Dave Townsend
P1 999 Support High Resolution Scrolling on Windows Shipped Firefox 6 Masayuki Nakano Alex Faaborg
P1 999 Promote Sync in bookmark and password doorhangers Shipped Firefox 6 Marco Bonardo Jennifer Arguello
P1 999 Load Panorama groups on-demand Shipped Firefox 6 Tim Taubert Alex Limi
P1 999 Site-based data management UI Shipped Firefox 6 Margaret Leibovic Sid Stamm
P1 999 Revamp about:memory Shipped Firefox 6 Nicholas Nethercote Nicholas Nethercote
P1 999 Improve Responsiveness with Memory Reductions Shipped Firefox 7 Nicholas Nethercote `
P1 999 Panel Menu Shipped Firefox 29 Blair McBride Stephen Horlander
P1 999 Highlight the domain name in the location bar Shipped Firefox 6 Dao Gottwald Dao Gottwald
Unprioritized 999 Toolbar Customization Shipped Firefox 29 ` Stephen Horlander
Unprioritized 999 Add-on hotfixes Shipped Firefox 10 Dave Townsend Christian Legnitto & Alex Keybl

Stage: Draft

Pr Rank Feature Stage Target Lead eng Feature manager
P2 999 "Tracking alert" to inform users when an entity is tracking them across sites Draft ` ` `
P2 999 Make DNT documentation and pref accessible from first-run page Draft ` ` `
P2 999 Improve Site identity button to show more about how you've interacted with a site in the past Draft ` ` `
P2 999 Incorporate fingerprint-minimizing features into private browsing Draft ` ` `
P2 999 Improve the UX on master password so that it is comfortable to be used by default Draft ` ` `
P2 999 Improve transparency of authentication state so users know when they're sending credentials to sites (and which ones) Draft ` ` `
P3 999 Find a way to visualize and present to users the way a site interacts with other entities Draft ` ` `
P3 999 Plugin awareness of users privacy prefs Draft ` ` `
P3 999 Geolocation: Let the user pick where they are or lie using a map or other UI Draft ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 App Walkthrough Draft Q1/Q2 Frederic Wenzel Daniel Buchner
Unprioritized 999 Help users understand which bits are unencrypted Draft ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 home tab icon order Draft ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 Show infobar session restore Draft ` Paul O'Shannessy Alex Limi
Unprioritized 999 Arrow Panel Redesign Draft ` ` Stephen Horlander

Stage: Inbox, On hold

Pr Rank Feature Stage Target Lead eng Feature manager
P1 999 Enhancements to help mitigate search hijacking On hold ` Gavin Sharp Sheila Mooney
Unprioritized 999 Network Down page Feature Inbox ` ` Michael Verdi
Unprioritized 999 how to not login like desktop apps Feature Inbox ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 Sidebar Feature Inbox ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 Chrome-only plugins Feature Inbox ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 Input for Addons Developers Feature Inbox ` ` Aakash Desai
Unprioritized 999 Silent Update: Install Anyway Feature Inbox ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 Super Reload Feature Inbox ` ` Michael Verdi
Unprioritized 999 ship firefox with some add-ons Feature Inbox ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 Jetpack API for Panorama On hold ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 Sync Integration for Panorama On hold ` ` `
Unprioritized 999 Support Mac App Store On hold ` Robert Strong Christian Legnitto

Stage: Shelved

Pr Rank Feature Stage Target Lead eng Feature manager
P1 14 Opt in Dialog for Telemetry Shelved ` ` `
P2 9 Per-tab private browsing Shelved ` ` `
P2 999 Firefox-native Verified Email Client Shelved TBD David Dahl David Dahl
Unprioritized 999 Make Ubiquity the Address Bar Shelved ` ` `
` 999 Retention measurement Shelved ` ` Saptarshi Guha