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Who is Team Firefox?

The Mozilla Corporation employs a group of people to work on Firefox. The Mozilla Corporation tasks this group with the responsibility for the successful delivery of the Firefox product to our millions of users. It's important to note, though, that this isn't an exhaustive list of people who work on Firefox or are imperative to its success!

Photograph Name IRC nick Group
f0155479954cbd6c6b040b10f48430d9.jpg Panos Astithas past DevTools
me_bigger.jpg Dietrich Ayala dietrich Toolkit & Services
9385580927bd91d98d06369fa4e2808d.png Marco Bonardo mak Toolkit & Services
W3Og5.jpg Brian R. Bondy bbondy Platform Integration
72054ae630b90d6f196304fbccfc5d6b.jpg Dave Camp dcamp DevTools
3082768677_347ee67b04_t.jpg Rob Campbell robcee DevTools
6031b764b81b5f4e0677f28424d88961.jpg Mike Conley mconley Application
ddahl_bigger.JPG David Dahl ddahl Toolkit & Services
Neil Deakin Enn Toolkit & Services
headshot-73.jpg Justin Dolske dolske Application
Nick Fitzgerald fitzgen DevTools
EIqihb5.jpg Sevaan Franks sevaan User Experience
gtalk_bigger.jpg Felipe Gomes felipe Application
7.png Dão Gottwald dao Application
244b97a9aea53aa14cd6de0ef42adaeb.jpeg Brian Grinstead bgrins DevTools
profile-picture-wiki.jpg Stephen Horlander shorlander User Experience
Screen_shot_2011-01-04_at_9.50.16_PM_reasonably_small.png Margaret Leibovic margaret Application
35f5cf7e61bd7c64ca9e4e8d315893fc.jpg Blair McBride Unfocused Application
a3540511beb470d2bcb046399d15ae23.jpg Javaun Moradi javaun desktop product team
Mozthumbnailself.png Jennifer Morrow (aka "Boriss") Boriss User Experience
DSC_1222-square-lighter_reasonably_small.jpg Johnathan Nightingale johnath *
c176c36e0ef08bec14a1d46e686f1d3a.jpeg Matthew N. MattN
34b251cf082c202fb3160b1afb810001.png Jan Odvarko Honza Firebug
7de9609bb8d1394e8f6236bd0fac2d7b.png Mike Ratcliffe mikeratcliffe DevTools
Asaf Romano Mano Tookit & Services
2Uv5P.png Paul Rouget paul DevTools
GavinSharp.jpg Gavin Sharp gavin Application
me_moz_whois.png Robert Strong rs Application
profile_reasonably_small.jpg Tim Taubert ttaubert Application
8f56e46f0120d9477f8f320991a2196a.png Dave Townsend Mossop Jetpack
f841c328e630faee05a68548b3f851e4.jpeg Joe Walker joe_walker DevTools
floating-head.png Jared Wein jaws Application
Drew Willcoxon adw Toolkit & Services
Zhenshuo Fang fang User Experience
meitsmagic_small.jpg Mike de Boer mikedeboer Application