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Welcome to the Mozilla wiki page on the HTML <del> element. Please feel free to contribute new test pages or new sections. -- Tantek

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del element test pages

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del element open spec issues

Spec reference: 4.7.2 The del element

Issues recorded on WHATWG Wiki:

new timeref attribute

Summary: introduce a new 'timeref' attribute for both ins and del elements that can be used to reference a <time> element by id that itself has the date (and optionally time) of when the inserts/deletions occurred.

2010-07-29 posted:

del element resolved spec issues

datetime should take date

  • problem: datetime attribute currently requires explicitly specifying date and time, web authors (e.g. hand-authoring) may not have precise time and would find it easier to just specify the date.
  • <del> and <ins> datetime attribute should allow YYYY-MM-DD in addition to full ISO8601 datetime.
    • easier for hand-authoring
    • no need to force authors to enter artificial precision (e.g. YYYY-MM-DDT00:00:00Z instead of YYYY-MM-DD)

2010-07-28 posted:

2010-08-24 fixed:

Related: Bug 763

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