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Impact ( post ) LatinoWare and Mozilla

Links to presentations, articles, pictures, video, impact to contributors and also please add whatever has also to do with extra activities.

General, other

Introduction to LatinoWare


This post was initially based on resources provided by Mr. Rodrigo Padula, which is a long time contributor to many open source projects, an activitist, and organizer of many efforts in past LatinoWare events ( Ask Rodrigo about his thinking on how LatinoWare was important to LA FLOSS field in the past 4 years.) LatinoWare is a major open-source event that happens at the border of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina.

LatinoWare is a bit different than FISL in Brazil. This event provides a framework more focused towards talks than in the booth fair area. The assumption and understanding ( Rodrigo and Eduardo Urcullú comments ) is that LatinoWare is more a place for focused talks. There is also an understanding that any sort of place of meet up is important so that would be like a HeadQuarters so that contributors and new folks can meet up to get answers to their questions, to meet each other, learn more about the project, get involved, and so on.

This event is focused in Latin America so it is interesting to have folks from Chile, Paraguay, Argentina ( the folks that are interacting more so far ) and other countries in Latin America too. This is a great chance to straighten the relation between the countries in south America and to focus meetups for contributors and developers within the project. These exercises of interaction among countries is key to develop the ideas of openness in the Latin America.

LatinoWare General Organization and Support

Itaipu is the organizer of the event. They always support FLOSS communities to get to LatinoWare. Each South American Mozilla community is recommended to talk with their grade organizer, Mr. Cesar Brod, so check how Itaipu can provide support to bring keynote speakers. Initially Itaipu will provide support to 4 speakers ( Hotel+Airfare+Transfer).

In general, and based on Rodrigo's past experience with LatinoWare, their organizing committee provides about 8 slots to sessions to each community/topic area. They usually organize all the topics in the same room so this aligns a bit with the model that Mozilla used in the past where you can have a bunch of folks interested in a project in the same area. Sometimes the talks can be in a row and in other cases can be arranged in the grade - again Mr. Cesar Brod is the grade lead for LatinoWare.

The Venue: Itaipu and Foz do Iguaçu

Itaipu is a government organization and facility - they are also a major hidro electrical powerplant and reach out to major efforts such as LatinoWare but not limited too.

The city of Foz do Iguaçú has many attractions such as the cataratas which is a key turistic spot in Brazil featuring a complex of waterfalls one can see only in dreams. The city has a good infra-structure featuring pubs, restaurants, and the famous shopping in the Paraguay side ( this is only important for Brazilians as we have huge taxes in Brazil and Brazilians are allowed to come back from Paraguay with about U$200 dollars without paying taxes .)

Please add links here to the venue etc.

Event Organization

LatinoWare agenda is here


Day/Time Room Theme Speaker
 00/00 00:00
Mozilla/Mozilla Foundation:Projects,Goals,infra,Sites Chris Hofmann
 00/00 00:00
Firefox 4 & the the next generation of the web Chris Hofmann
 00/00 00:00
Localizacion y Traduccion a Lenguas Nativas
Hugo Acosta
 00/00 00:00
Mozila Labs: Personas & Firefox Sync Eduardo Urcullú
 00/00 00:00

Mozilla Jetpack - Introdução ao Desenvolvimento de Extensões para Firefox
Armando Biagioni Neto
 00/00 00:00

Mozilla Jetpack - Desenvolvimento Avançado de Extensões para Firefox
Hernan Rodriguez Colmeiro
 00/00 00:00

Womoz - Mulheres na Mozilla Lourdes Castillo y Rocio Meza
 00/00 00:00
Mozilla Drumbeat - Universal Subtitles: legendagem colaborativa p/ vídeos online Felipe Sanches e Rodrigo Rodrigues


We will have a free booth there

Who will be there

- Rodrigo Padula (Brazil)

- Armando Biagioni Neto (Brazil)

- Rodrigo Rodrigues (Brazil)

- Felipe Sanches (Brazil - Remote Talk)

- Eduardo Urcullú Madrid (Paraguay)

- Lourdes Castillo (Paraguay)

- Rocio Meza (Paraguay)

- Hugo Acosta (Bolivia)

- Hernan Rodriguez Colmeiro (Argentina)

Ps: Only confirmed people!


  • Andrea Balle - Brazil, Helping organize Brazil's presence for LatinoWare;
  • Rodrigo Padula - Brazil, Helping organize Brazil's presence for LatinoWare;



Hernan Rodriguez Colmeiro is one of the Mozilla Jetpack Ambassadors, members of the community chosen as official spokesmen of Jetpack project of Mozilla Labs. Member of Argentina in recent years and contributor to Firebug, Hernán involved in several projects within Mozilla.. This year I participate in the Google Summer of Code, making a multitouch Firefox simulator, developed entirely in Jetpack.


Rodrigo Padula is working with LatinoWare organizers, via Mr. Cesar Brod, to have the speakers from Brazil in their agenda. Rodrigo spoke with Mr. Cesar to emphasize the importance of this year's Mozilla contributions to have strong technical and engaging talks to cover the important areas in the Mozilla project, such as Jetpack and Core development. Andrea plans to cover the community and marketing side. The plan of coverage for Brazil, so far, seems to be for 4 key note speakers to have full costs depending on proposals. If you have a proposal please work with Andrea and Rodrigo on that.


  • Would be cool to have Rodrigo Garcia or others from Chile in there


  • Eduardo Urcullu will be envolved to organize the Paraguayan participation



Other support from Mozilla

Perhaps Mozilla peers model can be used to provide support to the speakers from many countries. The following is a list of people that can provide peer review to talks, not exactly folks that are intended to talk at LatinoWare, but folks that are involved in projects - list name and area.

  • Marcio Galli - Jetpack SDK for Brazilians trying to learn and polish work;

Other needed things

Feel free to edit this document ( ie add a new section ) to bring up topics that can help all the countries to organize ideas and interactions towards the ideals of the Mozilla project.

Reviews and Notes about Changes in this Document

  • Marcio Galli, Brazil, mostly *typed* original content based from a huge, technical and insightful e-mail, with lots of focused and precise information about LatinoWare, that was provided by champion and catalyst Mr. Rodrigo Padula in Brazil. Rodrigo is a long time contributor to the Mzoilla project, brought presentations from USA to Rio at UFRJ, organized parties in Rio and has extensive FLOSS community organization work done for open-based FLOSS projects such as the Fedora project.