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The Personal Dashboard project for MDN is a proposal to add support for a customizable dashboard for MDN users. This would allow users to more easily track and find the things they need to reference. Features would include things such as:

  • Customizable layout
  • Assorted "widgets" that can be placed, including:
    • Quick access to favorite pages on MDN
    • Custom search boxes (with pre-set filters, etc)
    • Lists of things to do
      • Customizable, multiple lists possible on screen at once
      • Things like suggested reviews, pages needing work, dev-doc-needed bugs, doc requests, etc
    • Notepad
      • Replaces "user pages"
      • Maybe have both a public and a private notepad option?
    • Once implemented, support for reading and responding to on-site messages
  • Available at a predictable URL
  • Optionally accessible to others so they can see it?

Our mission is to make this dashboard a place that Mozillians might call "home". Make me want to set it to be my "new tab" page!