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Project statement

In order to make it easier for core writers, occasional contributors, and the development teams to better collaborate together, we need an improved system for requesting, managing, handling, and recording reviews of content, as well as for supporting "publish after review" documents, which are only visible to the general public once the content has passed review.

This feature will support our efforts to improve the quality of our content by making it easier to get content reviewed. It will also support our initiative to improve collaboration between the MDN docs team and the engineers developing the software.

This project proposal covers this system and its requirements.

This project is based on bug 665719.


  • [DONE] Ability to flag pages for editorial and/or technical review (bug 676380)
  • Support flagging specific sections of pages for review (bug 676381)
  • Allow users to indicate in their profile their willingness to perform tech or editorial reviews (bug 677538)
  • Allow users to specify topics they're willing and able to perform tech reviews for
  • Add suggested articles to review to users' profile pages
  • Provide an RSS feed listing articles a user can review (bug 851082)
  • Provide email notifications of review requests (bug 861083)
  • Support requesting review before publishing a change (that is, hiding a new article, or a new version of an article, until it's been reviewed) (bug 738959)


Development resources

Next steps