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Working sample code on every page that you can download, tweak, run "out of the box"

What problem are we trying to solve? (why are we doing this)

  • Help people learn, integration between what they are reading and making it work
  • Code is displayed in context, and we need to embed the code in a template that means people can download them and run them. We explain the code but the final version is not working.

How could it be done?

  • Sending people to JSFiddle
  • Opening code in Scratchpad

Who are we trying to solve this problem for? (target persona)

  • MDN readers and developers, especially beginners

How do we measure success? (what is the outcome we are hoping for)

  • Download numbers
  • Overall traffic (or change in growth of traffic)
  • How long people spend on the page
  • Click through to JSFiddle
  • Comparing growth in popularity of pages with or without this functionality

Roles needed to make this happen (for the experiment)

  • One person could set this up - e.g. Christian
  • A Google analytics admin - e.g. Luke
  • measure click through, download rates
  • set up new (very simple) page for feedback
  • pick popular pages with code samples to do this experiment

Minimum viable experiment

  • couldn't embed JS Fiddle - link to JS Fiddle
  • live embed code, link to zip to download
  • download is hosted on Github
  • measure clicks on download
  • collect more specific feedback - add a comment in the code asking for feedback through a feedback, landing page that says thank and just has a smiley/sad face and room for a comment. We can measure how many people click the link as well as the feedback submitted.