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This sprint will have an in-person component as well as remote participation.



Exact start and end times depend on the exact schedule for, which is not yet available.

  • Starting 1-October, 08:30 Central European Summer Time (UTC+2)/30-Sep. 11:30pm PT.
  • Ending 2-October, 19:00 CEST (UTC+2)/10:00am PT. (Feel free to continue later if you're in the Americas.)


The focus of this sprint is JavaScript and DOM articles. The following are lists of articles in those areas that have been tagged as needing work:

Work on other areas of MDN, including translations, are always welcome, of course. So is participating remotely from wherever you happen to be.

What the tags mean

Needs someone to verify that the content is complete and correct.
Needs more detail.
Needs a Browser compatibility table added, or needs it to be filled out.
Needs someone to review the content for grammar, spelling, consistency with other pages, etc.
Needs one or more illustrative code examples.
Needs to be updated to match to a more recent spec or browser version.
The mark-up of the page is poorly done or inconsistent with other pages.
Needs to be rewritten to apply to more browsers than just Gecko.


If you're planning to participate, please add your name, IRC nickname, and MDN login ID, as well as any relevant notes on where you'll be or what you'll work on.

Name IRC nick MDN ID Notes
Janet Swisher jms jswisher at
Jonathan Wilsson McGurk McGurk remote
Colby Russell crussell Sevenspade at
Burak Yiğit Kaya BYK BYK at
Tom Schuster evilpie evilpie at
Neil Rashbrook Neil Neil at
David Bruant davidbruant dbruant at
Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu kennyluck kennyluck remote (Taipei)
Berker Peksag berkerpeksag berkerpeksag remote