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This is a virtual sprint, with no central gathering. However, local meet-ups are encouraged.


You are welcome to start earlier or continue later, but this time frame is when you are likely to find other people online working on MDN. Obviously, you do not have to participate the entire time; drop in when it's convenient, and sleep when you need to.

Quick coordination etherpad used during the sprint [ ]. Feel free to use it!

Here is a schedule for meetings in IRC during the sprint:

UTC CET US Pacific What
Fri 15:00 Fri 17:00 Fri 8:00 am Kick-off
Fri 20:00 Fri 22:00 Fri 1:00 pm status check
Sat 1:00 Sat 3:00 Fri 6:00 pm status check
Sat 8:00 Sat 10:00 Sat 1:00 am status check
Sat 13:00 Sat 15:00 Sat 6:00 am status check
Sat 18:00 Sat 20:00 Sat 11:00 am status check
Sat 23:59 Sun 02:00 Sat 5:00 pm final status and wrap-up


One focus area for this sprint will be converting static code samples to be "live samples". Look for the tag "NeedsLiveSample"

Here are some other suggestions of things to work on.

Suggest a topic, either that you want to work on, or that you'd like to see done by someone.

Helpful information


If you're planning to participate, please add your name, IRC nickname and/or MDN user name, and what you'd like to work on, below (you need to create an account on this (spam-free) wiki in order to edit it):

Name IRC nick MDN ID Topic(s)
Janet jms jswisher copyediting, cleanup
Jean-Yves teoli teoli Documenting TreeWalker and NodeWalker (a 2002 request!).
Frédéric FredB FredB TBD
Aras arasbm arasbm Live samples