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The MDN Redesign launched on December 9, 2013.

Mdn redesign.png

High-Level Redesign Goals

  • Unified experience for developers - across MDN docs, Mozilla tools and products
  • Improve user experience & usability
  • Better site structure, navigation & ability to quickly find key content
  • Update the design to something dynamic, modern, & more consistent with the brand
  • More flexibility in content sources and presentation (wiki, github, read the docs, offline, on mobile devices)

Redesign Roadmap

  • Full Site Redesign/Rebranding - further refine global nav & homepage, new site design, restructure information architecture, new landing pages, new features
    • Architecture proposal completed and shared for feedback - 27 June
    • Community feedback of proposals via IRC - 17:00:00 GMT 28 July
    • Wireframes completed and handed off to design team - 2 July
    • Design phase - 2 August - 10 September
    • Beta Testing: starting 1 October
    • Implementation roll out - December 9, 2013

Track progress through the Redesign Tracking bug in Bugzilla

How you can be involved

Input into tasks & planning

Much of the planning goes on in the mdn mailing list; you should join if you want to help prioritize the development work that happens on MDN, including the redesign.

Testing & Feedback

Please see our Testing page for details on the beta testing program, which includes archives of feedback and results.

Before anything else, please file one bug for each piece of feedback you want to share. We would love to hear from you on IRC and through our mailing lists, but if you have not already filed a bug we will politely ask you to do so. Remember to always use this form, as it will group feedback appropriately and ensure that the team sees it.

A couple times each week, we'll send out the list of bugs that are new and need to be categorized (blocks launch or does not) to the mailing list (which is used to prioritize work on MDN and is open for anyone to participate). Bugs will be discussed there and the team can, collectively, decide what needs to be fixed before the redesign launches to the general public. We also will have a weekly, open meeting to make calls on anything that is stalled. Meetings are held every Tuesday at 17:00 UTC (10am PST) on IRC in #devmo.

Help with new site content

We have some lovely new templates for landing pages, and we need help creating these pages! - if you'd like to own a section of the site - making sure the pages are thoroughly tested, provide input and advive on how to apply or improve the design ,etc, please email Ali ( Pages need to be tagged for the new search functionality - the guide to doing this will be published shortly Pages need to have Quicklinks added (see the page design for examples of quicklinks) - the guide to doing this will be published shortly

Redesign Documentation

News and Status Updates

Sheppy's blog has frequent posts on changes to Kuma, and is a good place to get an overview of what's happening:

User Experience & Design

PRD's and Planning


May 2013 Release: