MozCampAsia2012/Beyond the Box - Firefox and Services in 2013

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Today (Saturday) at 5:30 on the Desktop/Mobile track


Firefox in 2013 will take major steps towards deeper integration with more services. The Social API and the upcoming Firefox Account work are both key components in a larger move to making Firefox more than just a frame to view websites, but an integral part of making users' online lives easier. We need your help to make this amazing for the Asian market!


  • What we're already planning
  • How individuals can help us go faster on this plan
    • Development
    • Evangelism
    • Partnering
  • Discussion about what Asian users need, especially in mobile contexts, and how we can evolve the current plan to get the best experience for those users.


  • Improved product requirements to satisfy the Asian market
  • Established working relationship between the Asian community and the Services team, which has historically been far more Europe-aware.
  • Start to user and developer evangelism around ways to build against new APIs.