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Meeting Details


  • Introductions
  • Report back: Contributor growth goals in Q4 -- ideas, suggestions, lessons learned?
  • Prep for upcoming events: Contribute Booth @ Mozilla Festival, MozCamp Europe, MozCamp Asia...
  • Question: How did you get involved with Mozilla? Would that work for someone wanting to get involved today? Share your story.
  • Other items...

Action Items

  • David and Mary to send out email to all Stewards about Q4 goals and templates to help if people could use it.
  • Mary to connect people interested in being Stewards for spaces with Debbie to join conversations about Mozilla Spaces plans.
  • If you're interested in doing a get involved video for your project area, let David know and we can talk with Rainer who did QA's get involved video.
  • Let Marcia know if you're going to Mozilla Festival and want to take part in get involved booth.
  • Chelsea to find transcripts from summit footage of people telling their contribution stories.
  • Anthony to share what their dashboard would look like and what data it has.
  • Let's move discussions to Mozillians mailing list instead of Yammer and promote it so people know that it's the place for discussion about bringing Mozillians in to the community.