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Meeting Details


  • Introductions
  • Contributor Audit discussion (slides and video): questions, thoughts on recommendations, next steps?
  • Action plan update: Coding Stewards are auditing key milestones in Bugzilla and are looking how to improve the experience for new volunteers. Bug 721206 tracks sending an email when someone has their first patch approved.
  • Recruiting volunteers at events (standing item)
    • Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Feb 27-March 1) Not happening: Feb 26 local contributor/developer community event & other participation. WIP Jam (mini dev conference within the MWC) takes place on Mar 1. Advise Shez & Chris Heilmann of contributor opportunities. (Havi)
    • MozCamp Latin America (April 20-22) - Havi will keep the group up to date on Dev Event on 4/20 and opps there.
    • Proposed "Mozilla Day" recruitment day in Minneapolis (cf: @glind). Leave-behinds, schwag, other help and ideas welcome.
  • Logistics -- we are currently overlapping time with the Director's meeting. Should we move this by a week to get out of sync? Con is that the Director's meeting sometimes slips so we may never be able to always avoid conflicts.

Action Items

  • David to follow up with David Eaves about publishing the raw data from the audit surveys so people can do more in depth analysis.
  • David to look into organizing a community building lightning talk and panel at next All Hands-like event and also to explore making case studies of how teams solve community building issues more widely available.
  • David to shift meeting times by a week to avoid ongoing conflict with Directors' meetings.