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This page has been archived and its contents may be out of date.

This page is a draft list of pages we'd like to localize on Feel free to add links to other pages if you feel like we're leaving out anything important.

Note: The site is in the middle of many changes in the style and content and most pages are not stable enough to be localized today.

Top Priority

The following are the pages we'd most like to localize on the site.

page on page in repository l10n bug status
Home /trunk/index.html bug 573073 stable (with regular updates)
About Mozilla /trunk/about/index.html bug 573076 stable
Mission /trunk/about/mission.html bug 566657 stable
Manifesto /trunk/about/manifesto.html bug 433928 stable
Community Map /trunk/community/index.html and /trunk/script/1.0/universe/data.json bug 590223 stable (with regular updates)
Our Projects /trunk/projects/index.html bug 573077 stable (with regular updates)
Get Involved section /trunk/contribute/index.html bug 570716 not ready for l10n
Firefox pre-release pages TBD not ready for l10n

Nice To Have

The following are other key pages that would be nice to localize.

page on page in repository l10n bug status
Mozilla Community Directory /trunk/community/directory.html bug 641966 stable (with regular updates)
History of the Mozilla Project /trunk/about/history.html bug 641968 stable
Mozilla Foundation /trunk/foundation/index.html bug 641970 stable

How To Get Started

For now, people can contact david at mozillafoundation dot org if you are interested in helping us with translating site content. The following pages have more about Mozilla's web localizing processes:

Translating on Verbatim

Currently work is in progress to investigate translating of the content on Verbatim (Pootle).

  • An initial Translate Toolkit converter is in place that allows the JSON data to be translated.
  • The HTML/PHP pages are a little harder and we're investigating html2po