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Welcome to the Mozilla QA wiki home page.

We are a guild of individuals united by a common passion to make the quality of the products Mozilla creates the best it can possibly be. There are a plethora of ways to get involved and be a part of the Mozilla Quality Project to help ensure, empower, extend, and enjoy the open web. We're excited you're here to join us.

Quality Assurance Principles

These are the foundational elements that we evaluate to judge quality for each of our projects. These are all interdependent and interrelated and the list is probably not exhaustive, but it will give you an idea of what we are passionate about.

  • Dependability - Every product should be stable and dependable
  • Delight - Doing "what it should do" is not enough. The product must delight the user with its functionality.
  • Security & Privacy - Mozilla believes very strongly that our products must put our users in control of their data and must take every step we can to ensure your security while on the web.
  • Performance - The products must meet or exceed the performance requirements we and our users demand.
  • Web Platform - Our mission is to extend, empower, and keep the web platform open for all. We do that by releasing great products that people love, which push the boundaries and capabilities of the open web ever farther.

Get In Touch!

We'd love to hear from you. We hang out on Mozilla IRC ( in the #qa channel. We use the dev-quality mailing list for communication and discussion. Our blog is at (also known as QMO).

While you're at it, please register as a Mozillian and join us!


We are organized into product focused areas. You can find our teams and team leads' IRC nicknames below.

QMO Team Page Team Lead Team Wiki Primary Focus Areas Primary Team IRC Channels
Firefox QE None at this time. Team members are embedded in Engineering Teams QA/Firefox Firefox browser (Desktop and Android) #qa
Firefox Test Engineering sphilp Firefox Test Engineering #qa, #fx-test
Web and QA Services Stephend QA/Execution/Web_Testing Mozilla websites, Marketplace, QA specific sites #qa, #mozwebqa
Cloud Services QA sphilp QA/Services Mozilla Cloud Services (sync, simplepush, OAuth, Firefox Accounts etc) #qa, #services-qa
Mozilla Iris Matt Wobensmith (Core)
Tracy Walker (Test)
Anthony Hughes (Deploy)
QA/Product_Integrity/Mozilla_Iris Test automation #qa-automation

2014 QA Workweek in Mountain View

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