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Firefox Test Engineering oversees the test automation, infrastructure, and manual testing for all of Firefox's services, sites, and apps that are external to the core browsers (and in some cases within the browsers as well).

More info is at: http://firefox-test-engineering.readthedocs.io/en/latest/


Our mission is to provide testing and tools to positively impact the quality of Mozilla sites, apps, and services.

The Team

  • Manager: Stuart Philp
  • Technical Lead and Manager, Customization group: Krupa Raj
  • Technical Lead, UI group: Dave Hunt
  • Technical Lead, Services group: Richard Pappalardo
  • Staff Engineer: Tarek Ziade
  • Manager, Services group: Karl Thiessen
  • Senior Test Engineer: Peter deHaan
  • Staff Test Engineer: Chris Hartjes
  • Senior Test Engineer: Stephen Donner
  • Senior Test Engineer: Kevin Brosnan
  • Senior Test Engineer: Aaron Train
  • Senior Test Engineer: Matt Brandt
  • Senior Test Engineer: Rebecca Billings
  • Senior Test Engineer: No-Jun Park
  • Junior Test Engineer: Benny Forehand Jr.

Technical Groups

Firefox Test Engineering is divided into three technical groups. These groups align on the skills, tools, and focus needed to provide the coverage and quality for the projects they oversee. Each technical group has a technical lead, who oversees all of the project's testing needs and best practices.

User Interfaces



Full Project List

The source of truth for FTE Projects is our Servicebook. The table below may be out of date.