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The Challenge

Simple Reports Makeover: Create a new "Simple" Talkback report from a raw datafile... how you do it doesn't matter, as long as it's better than the old one. :-)

Feel free to discuss this challenge with others and leave any questions you may have on the Talk Page.

The Prize

There has to be a prize, right? Well, we got you covered there... but don't know exactly what it's gonna be yet. We promise it'll be very cool.

Oh, and you get to feel good about helping out the Mozilla Community (a lot of people look at those Talkback reports you know!)

What You Need

The Data:

  • The raw datafile is a comma delimited file with the following fields:
<product id>,<build id>,<incident id>,<crash date>,<os>,<seconds since last crash>,<total uptime since install>,<unique user id>,<email address>,<stack signature>,<source file>,<line no.>,<user submitted url>,<user submitted comments>

Examples (of old reports):


  • Here are just a few of my ideas, feel free to use them:
    • Make it so you can view the same data in different ways (only look at the top 20 stack signatures, look at all crashes at a particular website, view all crashes with a common keyword, etc). This might take a bit of work, but perhaps converting the raw data into xml will allow you to transform it into whatever you want.
    • Incident ids should link to a report, like:
    • Stack frames/signatures should link to a Bugzilla query (see the incident report above for examples)
    • Files with line no. should link to Bonsai/CVSBlame (see the incident report above for examples)
  • What NOT to worry about:
    • Stack Traces - There is no easy way to include entire stacks in one datafile, so let's not worry about getting the full stack trace into the reports (I can take care of that later). :-)

That's pretty much it, the rest is up to you! We look forward to seeing what people come up with. :-)


You can show us your work in progress or wait until you're all done. We just ask that you provide the following:

  • Your name or team/group (and a bit about yourselves if you'd like)
  • The report (preferably a link to an html report)
  • A description of your report that includes:
    • what data is presented and why, info about the layout, etc.
    • what technology/tools you used to create it
    • how you think it improves upon the original "Simple" report

Please add your submission below:



Email your submission to (with subject: "Talkback Report Challenge 1")

What Happens After?

After reviewing all the submissions and discussing them with the QA team, we will see if we can incorporate your ideas/reports into a new "Simple" Talkback Report that will replace the old one. Hopefully all submitters will be willing to help us get their work integrated into our Talkback reporting system (we can discuss the details later).