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Tabs Drag and Drop Test Plan

In progress, 10.20.2008: juanb


Tab drag and drop (between windows) allows users to drag tabs from one window to another window.

This is pretty straight forward, and we will make sure the tab drag and drop feature works under various user scenarios.

Test Strategy

  • Litmus tests to be added with the following considerations:
    • Content
      • Page content like images and text and layout
    • State
      • Plugin state like flash playing
    • UI
    • Drag & Drop actions
    • Monitor Setups
  • Potential to apply Gristmill for basic tests (not planned at the moment)
  • Some mochitests created by developer

Schedule Scoping

Estimate amount of time it will take to complete feature (Consider nightly builds, security reviews, bugs turnaround time)


  • Unit Tests / Mochitests: