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Overview - DRAFT

Making Firefox 3.5 more compatible to the Acid 3 Tests

Test Strategy

Most Tests will be done by Automation (Mochikit Tests). Also we will have manual Tests, like running the Acid 3 Tests

Current Status (from Bug :

Current status:
* trunk now at 93/100 most of the time
* intermittently (but quite rarely) failing some tests (#26, #27, #80) for bug
335998 (GC timing and nodes owning parents)
* patch currently in bug 174351 fixes test 70
* patch currently in bug 178258 fixes test 71
* patch currently in bug 216462 (with --enable-smil or equivalent modification
of patch) fixes test 75 and test 76
* test 77, test 78, and 79 are failing due to lack of SVG fonts; see comment 60

for more details

Layout tests:
* white X on purple and red background in upper right is still present on Linux
due to lack of support for downloadable TTF fonts (bug 458169) -- and probably
also on any other non-Windows non-Mac ports
Currently too slow on #26 by about a factor of 4. This is an explicit
performance test of DOM. We're currently spending about 30% of the time in
JS+XPConnect (JS, quick stubs) and about 70% in content+layout (content and
frame creation, style resolution) 
favicon.ico is displayed as the favicon, despite being a 404 response (bug

Schedule Scoping