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Addons Test Plan


Additional features and enhancements added to the Addons management system from Firefox3.0. These include addon compatibility checks and bug fixes.

Test Strategy

Areas Covered

  • Addons manager compatibility check during upgrades
    • Both major and minor Firefox updates
  • Plugin blocklisting user notification


  • Testcases will be created in litmus in the BFTs

Schedule Scoping

Scoping of test work will take about 1-2 weeks


  • bug 324121 – Extensions with available updates for the next version of the app should not be listed in app update extension will be disabled warning
  • bug 421470 – Software update does not download/update even it is set to automatic
  • bug 434155 – Help -> Check for Updates does not verify add-on compatibility
  • bug 434465 – Software update's background add-on update check ignores updated compatibility
  • bug 392180 – Provide force variable to use in the updateURL
  • Plugin blocklist - bug 391714, bug 449027, bug 391728