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Clear Private Data Test Plan
  • First draft created 1-15-09 by marcia - This is a work in progress


This test plan was created to cover the changes being implemented in Firefox 3.1 regarding Clear Private Data, including the introduction of a time based Clear Recent History option. Since there will also be some interaction of this feature with Private Browsing mode, it is necessary to do some crossover testing to make sure privacy preferences are being properly respected. So in this instance the test plan will be executed in both regular browsing mode as well as PB mode.

There are a few user scenarios that we want to make sure our covered as part of this testing:

  • Scenario One:
    • Browse the web without leaving any traces
      • User can either use PB mode or Clear Recent History in regular mode
  • Scenario Two:
    • Set up FF to always clear private data when closing
      • User can use the Privacy Options in Preferences to accomplish this
  • History
    • Visited Pages
    • Cookies
    • Download List
    • Active Logins
    • Form and search entries
    • Web Cache
    • Cache
  • Data
    • Saved Passwords
    • Offline Website Data

Test Strategy

  • Major areas of test coverage
  • Clear Recent History
    • Test Time Based Options
      • the last hour
      • the last 2 hours
      • the last 4 hours
      • my history for today
      • my entire history
  • Clear Private Data from Preferences
    • Make sure "Always" option is being honored depending on what items are checked
    • Ensure that "Clear Now" functionality works as expected.
  • Kill Process/Crash while Clearing Private Data
  • Areas that will NOT be covered (by developer, third party, etc.)
    • Unit Tests
      • Some Unit Tests exist, will need to clarify with Jonathon what is covered.

There will be a set of manual test cases that will be added to Litmus to cover this feature area.

Schedule Scoping

Estimate amount of time it will take to complete feature (Consider nightly builds, security reviews, bugs turnaround time)


  • Unit Test Plans

Litmus Test Cases added

What will not be tested

  • I will not create Litmus test cases for checking each individual time option since this covered by automated tests. There will be a few different time options covered in the BFT and FFT.