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Feature WHATWG Canvas Test Plan


This feature implements HTML5 compliance of text and shadows.

Test Strategy

Testcases will be covered in reftests and mochikit tests. See:

Schedule Scoping

Tests have been checked in since beta 1. Only open issue for 3.1 is that erroneous arguments are not ignored. The spec says invalid arguments should be ignored, but Vlad wanted Firefox to return error codes instead. But the rest of Canvas already does this, anyway.


  • Text Spec
  • bug 438702 - Canvas text baselines not fully implemented
  • bug 436904 - implementing Canvas text spec
  • bug 438695 - Canvas's SetFont crashes when no frame is present [@ std::vector<unsigned short, std::allocator<unsigned short> >::_M_fill_insert]
  • bug 442133 - Canvas text sizes depend on browser text zoom
  • bug 402276 - [RTL] Canvas text routines draw right-to-left text backwards