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Offline/Local Storage Test Plan

In progress, 10.20.2008: juanb


Offline applications offer functionality to users when their browsers are in offline mode. The browser allows offline functionality to the user by storing the state of the application.

For those applications that offer this functionality, which might be different from their online functionality, we will test that the switch between online and offline modes are seamless.

Test Strategy

  • Supplement existing offline tests in Litmus
  • Gristmill is applicable to this feature, but tests are not planned at the moment.

Due to the lack of in-the-wild applications using this feature, it's not easy to touch all the functionality of the feature.

Schedule Scoping

 Estimate amount of time it will take to complete feature
 (Consider nightly builds, security reviews, bugs turnaround time)


  • Relevant Bugs:
  • Unit Tests: