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Places Test Plan


Ensure feature enhancements and performance improvements work as prescribed without causing any regressions from the current version (3.0.x)

Test Strategy

List major areas of test coverage:

  • Places (Bookmarking, History and Library) UI
  • Database and query performance
    • could be a series of tests that profile common Places queries (see bug 451607)
  • Areas not covered: since the performance improvement fixes will be affecting most of Places, we'll be testing everything we can.
  • Test cases will be in unit tests and Litmus (with possible conversion of some Litmus cases to Mozmill)
    • Existing test cases used for 3.0 as well as new test cases added for new features (see bugs below)

Schedule Scoping

  • performance is watched closely by devs on each check-in
  • FFT's will be run for beta 1 and Final RC 1 (2 hours per platform each run)
  • BFT's will be run for any other point release (1 hour per platform each run)


Main tracking bugs:

  • tag autocomplete bug 415960 verified fixed
  • bulk tagging/editing bug 412002 for bookmarks and bug 459438 for history items verified fixed, in-litmus+ : I've adjusted the Litmus FFT and BFT tagging test using Pair Wise technique to reduce 32 paths to 8 test cases.
  • reducing fsyncs and dependencies (bug 442967 fix on try server
  • transaction manager perf improvements bug 432706 fix in progress
  • bug 450290 – Sync the temp tables to the permanent tables fix checked in
  • bug 411261 - UI for tagging in BM properties dialog (mockups in bug 459958) verified fixed