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Feature <Search Textbox Widget> Test Plan
  • First draft created 08-27-08

Owner: Henrik Skupin


With the creation of the search textbox widget a reusable widget with the same look and feel can be used across the whole application. It operates in two different modes: instant-search or by click on the search button.

Test Strategy

Browser chrome tests with comprehensive tests available, which should cover all testing areas. There is no need to create manual tests.

Schedule Scoping

Major feature has been landed.

All patches on depending bugs to replace old text boxes with the new search widget were checked-in and verified.


Relevant posts:

Relevant bug reports:

  • 388811 Provide a search textbox widget
  • 406095 Add emptyText property to textbox
  • 449045 Drop support for type="timed" for textboxes (Target: Mozilla2.0)
  • [List] of regressions and additional implementations