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Feature Script Defer Test Plan


Script defer is a feature that has been in IE and other browsers for years since the HTML 4 spec. Basically this is an attribute for the <script> tag where we can defer loading one or more scripts so the page content will load without waiting for large or cross-domain scripts.

Test Strategy

  • defer loading of script and verify page loads
  • queuing of local scripts
    • queue 2 scripts, other still loads
    • queue a script that references other scripts
  • accessing variables / functions from deferred script
    • have inline script call function in deferred script
    • have inline script update variable in deferred script

There are a lot of corner cases such as testing all javascript functionality in both normal and defer. One such bug came up where window.onload() would not call [bug 453801]

Schedule Scoping

  • Landed in September
  • Available in 3.1
  • Many test cases included in bug
  • Estimate 1 full day to develop and execute test cases