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Warning signWarning: With effect from 1st September 2023, the Mozilla Reps program was closed and activities ended.

North America Reps Meetup - April 2014

Key Outcomes

New Priority Areas

New Priority Cities

  • Portland
  • Vancouver
  • Utah (No specific city)
Action items
  • Define critical mass
  • Define metrics for priority cities
  • Reach out to former staff
  • Reach out to current staff in priority cities
  • MozSpaces (office and community)

Canada & USA Community Websites

Action items
  • Define working group for sites; get admins
  • Brainstorm needs & requirements
  • Prioritize needs & requirements
  • Define MVP to meet highest priorities
  • Designate someone to create mockups
  • Create mockups
  • Designate someone to spec out technical specs
  • Implement MVP
  • Evaluate & iterate

Strengthen Group Structure & Process

Action items
  • Define meeting fixed time meeting schedules
  • Document meeting protocols
  • Action items are tracked in the North America Reps Basecamp

Updated Vision Statement

By virtue of the new priorities, the vision statement of the North American community is:

In two years, we will be known for leadership and building local communities. We will have and share tools and resources, which will be used to have cohesive communication. We will build key relationships with the priority city communities and grow our Rep base to 40 which will allow us to achieve future goals and be sustainable.

Next Meetup

The next meetup was agreed on to be held in Portland in September 2014.

Post-meetup Survey Respones

Blog Links

Etherpad Links


  • Casey Becking
  • Lukas Blakk
  • Majken Connor
  • Tanner Filip
  • Dumitru Gherman
  • Emma Irwin
  • Benjamim Kerensa
  • Christie Koehler
  • Joanna Mazgaj
  • Prashish Rajbhandari
  • Regnard Raquedan
  • William Reynolds
  • Robert Sayles
  • Larissa Shapiro
  • Janet Swisher