SFx redesign timeline

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QA Test Plan

December 2008

  • Dec. 5: Mary to hand off final files (done)
  • Dec. 31: Neil to splice PSDs and create CSS/HTML (moved to Jan)

January 2009


  • Jan. 15th: Neil to splice PSDs and create CSS/HTML (Now: Jan. 23)
  • Jan. 26th: CSS/HTML implemented in SFX codebase/site staged (Now. Jan. 30)
  • Jan. 28th: Marketing to provide feedback
  • Jan. 30th: Alex to complete P1 admin needs for new SFx

Drupal Migration:

  • Jan. 9th:
    • Alex to file a bug to get a staging server up
  • Jan. 16th:
    • Mary, Paul and team to resolve Varbinary issue
    • Alex to get staging server set up (is this an IT issue?)
  • Jan. 19th: Get Sfx database copied over (is this still needed?)

February 2009


  • Feb. 4th:
    • Site iterations complete
    • QA kicks off

Drupal Migration:

  • Feb. 9th: Finish new theme

March 2009


  • March 4nd: New design live

Drupal 6 Migration:

  • March 5th: Site QA kicks off for Drupal 6 migration
  • March 31st: New Drupal 6-based site live.