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Admin Interface needs for home page


  • Ability to rotate three different versions upon refresh. [P2]

CTAs Bug:

  • Ability to "highlight" learn more when cursor is over "Learn More" [P1.5]
  • Each CTA block will need to be clickable [P2]
  • Automatic rotation of CTAs [P2]
  • Preview [P2]

Recent Posts:

  • Aggregate & display recent posts. [P1]
    • simplefeed module converts aggregated content to nodes so that you can post further comments
  • Aggregate & display recent replies. [P1]
    • This can be done with the Views module that we have installed.
  • Scrolling needed on side. [P2]


  • Ability to change images via admin interface vs. having to check in to SVN [Not critical to this launch, but priority once we are done -- P1.5]

Top Foxes:

  • Display top movers and top foxes in two tabs. [P1]
    • tabbed_block module may help here

Browser-sniffing: Detect when Firefox 3 is not in use & display download button. (ideally, show an upgrade to Firefox 3 button for Firefox 2 users and download Firefox for users of other browsers) [P1.5 not critical to sight redesign] Bug

  • This can be achieved by looking at the header using $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']. There should be some PHP methods written that take this header information and parses it so that you can get the specific browser information your after.

Featured Projects: [How are these currently selected - how can it be easier - Mary to talk to Alix]

  • Allow for the selection and promotion of groups. Bug[P1]
  • Ability to scroll through the highlighted groups. [P1]
  • Automatic rotation of selected/promoted groups. [P2]
  • Ability to preview [P2 -- we can do this on stage or both]

Community Spotlight:

  • Need to be able to easily change the picture and add copy and links as an admin. Bug[P1]
  • As with featured groups, automatic rotation of active community spotlights.
  • Ability to preview [P2]


  • Ability to scroll for more pictures.[P1]
  • Ability to block specific users (or maybe even pictures) from appearing in the stream [Alex looking into if this is possible] [P2]

box:

  • Show user name when logged in and "logout"
  • Issue with security: Should have login box lead to secure login page and then redirect to the home page -- aka wordpress signin. [P1]

Admin Interface needs for News & Events page

Quick wins:

  • Allow viewer to scroll through six Bug [P1]
  • Allow us to easily rotate quick win ideas [P2]

Events Calendar:

  • Surface 10 upcoming events, including date and title. [P1]

Download Counter:

  • Track downloads [P1]


  • Allow us to easily rotate featured projects, events & news items (i.e. an admin can choose which ones need promo or look interesting -- need input field with the ability upload graphic or input copy & link to a Sfx project.) [P1]

Campus Reps:

  • Highlight "Learn more" when cursor is over it. [P1]
  • Make block clickable [P2]

News Aggregator:

  • Install Drupal module that aggregates Mozilla marketing-related blogs. [Booker should be able to do this] Bug


  • Autosubscribe new users to "Community @Sfx". Bug [P1]
  • Allow comments to be viewed in all groups. Bug [P1]