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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


Action Items

  •  ?

SeaMonkey 2 Alpha

all blockers blocker requests

  • bug 381157 download manager (soft blocker)
    • Status/Progress: Not much in the last two weeks. Callek will have more time this week.
  • bug 390025 kill-wallet (password manager) (soft blocker)
    • Status/Progress: Standard8 was away last week and was busy with other issues. He will probably pick it up again in the coming week.
  • bug 394522 prefwindow move (hard blocker)
    • Status/Progress - bugs have now been logged for any outstanding prefpanes that still need migrating. A number have yet to be assigned (1 Browser, 1 MailNews, 3 Privacy/Security), the rest is work in progress or even under review.
      Standard8 has started on the MailNews/Addressing pane.
      Kairo: "things are really moving again there"
  • Mailnews might already (be able to) try to use the new shell service on windows. We should get mcsmurfs patch for the shellservice UI into the alpha and kill winhooks.
  • There are more and more signs that branch stuff is falling apart. We should ship alpha off 1.9.1 to catch all the latest core fixes.


  • Switching to Mercurial should not depend on our alpha schedule.
  • The switch to Mercurial (comm-central) is imminent.
  • Thunderbird alpha should be frozen and will be the development last release of mail code off cvs.
  • SeaMonkey will lose the tinderboxen, but will use the buildbot/Talos system instead.
  • Once we do the switch, we should immediately have boxes running nightlies and builds in between, but the unit test boxes will not be available right away. Kairo needs to upgrade buildbot on the machines and transfer the master and slaves over to new configuration, and he only can start with this once we have source in comm-central.

Longer-Term SeaMonkey 2 Planning

  • We'll be building up and moving to the comm-central hg repository soon, see bug 437643 - basically only waiting for Thunderbird to cut alpha2 and reviews for the build system patches in bug 444686
  • Mozilla 1.9.1 platform is probably going to feature-freeze in mid August (beta1), anything we want to get in there should be done before that
  • Is someone, preferably who's not working on any major SM2 thing right now, up for porting the history UI to places? (backend works fine with --enable-places)
    • The core of that work would be creating a custom treeview, probably based on one available in the places/library UI.
    • Note: If you builds SeaMonkey with --enable-places, you only get the places history backend, not the bookmarks one.
  • typeaheadfind will still be pulled from CVS when we switch to comm-central, blocks us from doing static or libxul builds and duplicates code that toolkit has - this badly needs some love
    • Ideally we shoul migrate to toolkit typeaheadfind and do a wrapper around the toolkit implimentation that does what we want of it.
    • Wanted: move the find bar to the top (like in safari), but without pushing the content down. stefanh has some ideas on this.
    • We should also have a pref for not being shown on normal autocomplete though.

Next Status Meeting / Firefox Plus Summit

  • Next meeting would normally be on July 29, which is during Firefox Plus Summit.
  • A few core SeaMonkey contributors will be there and in Pacific timezone because of that. Those going are: Kairo, Neil, Standard8, and Mnyromyr.
  • We decided that postponing the meeting a week won't work as people will be unavailable the following week so we will skip this completely and the next meeting will be on 12 August 2008.
  • Tentative plans for a SeaMonkey get-together over dinner on Wednesday at the Summit. It would be nice to gather SeaMonkey people in one place some time that week.


Status Updates from developers - what are you working on, what's the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status)

  • ajschult
    • QA good for 1.1.11 release
  • biesi
  • Callek
    • Still working on DLMGR, last two weeks not much progress here.
    • Performed reviews on build system work for comm-central, and assisted in related discussions.
    • Prepared blog announcement for 1.1.11 release.
  • IanN
    • Keeping Mnyromyr and Neil busy with pref pane review requests
    • Keeping an eye on other pref pane patches and adding comments where appropriate
  • KaiRo
    • bug 437643 is tracking the comm-central switch
    • Worked on all kind of dependencies of this
    • build system patches are up for review on bug 444686
    • buildbot builders are ready to do comm-central builds, unix and Mac will have codesize data, we're losing Ts/Tp/Txul and graphs, would need talos machines for good perf data/stats
    • discussed general L10n story on 1.9.1/hg, see bug 434289
    • 1.1.11 is ready for release, contains security fixes to sync up with FF 3.0.1
    • As always, my blog has more detailed status about my work
  • mcsmurf
    • bug 441050 Continued to work on shell service UI, uploaded a patch, got review, working on a new patch
    • Helped Serge to get some patches into the tree ;-)
  • Mnyromyr
    • Spent too much time debugging Growl integration. :-P
    • Got some old reviews done, queue growing nonetheless - busy pref panel migrators! :-D
  • Neil
    • Helping Mnyromyr with pref panel reviews
    • Debugged a three-year-old toolkit bug for IanN
  • Ratty
    • bug 428216 (Toolbar button size/mode control): submitted the xul/xml/js part for review. Working on the CSS part.
    • bug 425145 (support for wallet.crypto.autocompleteoverride): Discussion in dev.apps.firefox, Justin Dokske pointed out that there are already observer hooks in nsLoginManager.js to which we can listen to and then fire off LoginManager._fillForm() with the ignoreAutocomplete parameter.
      Discussion in the bug: That event is to control form filling, but we want to control the saving of passwords. Currently there is no API or UI to control this but something is (vaguely) planned with the Firefox UI folks.
  • Standard8
    • Re-started work on bug 408613 - migrating the "Addressing" preference pane, first step: split out edit directories dialog. Next step: move away the menus from rdf and unify with the Thunderbird code.
  • stefanh

Any other business?

  • Feeds
    • Should we create additional CSS rule(s) to hide the Feed Discovery icon in URLBar for our alpha release so we don't confuse early testers who might expect Feed Subscribe/Preview to work when they see that? --Justin Wood (Callek) 19:55, 13 July 2008 (PDT)
    • How about just adding hidden="true" to the XUL since this is just (presumably) temporary? --Ratty 01:27, 14 July 2008 (PDT)
      • Sounds like a good enough solution, but "do we actually want it hidden"? --Justin Wood (Callek) 19:53, 14 July 2008 (PDT)
    • Callek will change the wording on nav bar to "Feeds" rather than "Subscribe" temporarily. He will work on a patch and getting it reviewed, and then we'll do a full roll-call/vote on this for next meeting.
  • Modern Theme (Help Wanted)
    • From #seamonkey
      • [KaiRo] Ratty: looks like someone should ask the dev of (Past Modern) to contribute stuff to SM2, we could need work on Modern ;-)
      • [Ratty] KaiRo: Actually that was what I was thinking of when I mentioned that Modern needed some work in the last meeting. I think the graphics come from the author of Phoenity (who is from the same country as I am actually)
      • [KaiRo] Ratty: yes, we really should get in touch with someone who cares about Modern - and this dev probably already has done the part we are missing completely atm (mozapps)
      • [KaiRo] RattyAway: could you try to contact those people?
      • [RattyAway] KaiRo: Sure.
    • FYI:These people ususally hang out in the Theme Development forum in Mozillazine --Ratty 11:51, 14 July 2008 (PDT)
  • Classic Theme
    • Someone needs to get classic working on linux properly. TODO:
      • group box borders.
      • the icons in menupopups issue (should be solved in toolkit) bug 443516.