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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


Action Items

  • any?

SeaMonkey 2 Alpha

all blockers blocker requests

  • bug 381157 download manager (soft blocker)
    • Status/Progress?
      • Nothing yet. Callek is concentrating on build and build-config bugs.
  • bug 390025 kill-wallet (password manager) (soft blocker)
    • Started movement on bug 419595 (fixing LDAP urls), much happier with patch now.
    • Rest of work waiting on finding some more time (probably Wednesday).
    • Most likely to get in for TB 3.0b1, so it may make the SeaMonkey alpha.
  • bug 394522 prefwindow move (hard blocker)
  • Blocker triage?
    • IanN will started the triaging of blockers on behalf of the SM Council, how's it going? What blockers have we determined? Do we have assignees actively working on them?
      • Status meeting on freeze day to decide to freeze for all but serious bugs + prefpane.
      • There are 6 blocking+ bugs and 11 blocking? bugs for a1.
      • bug 431636 is waiting for a review so should be off the radar soon.
      • Download Manager (including bug 28385) and Password Manager bugs to be moved to blocking-seamonkey2+ and minused for alpha.
      • bug 418150 is waiting for a response from mcsmurf to a question.
      • bug 423211 (bookmark importing) needs looking into.
      • The remaining confimed blockers currently are prefpanel migration, bookmark importing stuff, and disabling feed discovery on the release branch.
  • Shipping target - still aimed at freezing on 9th September. Can we make it?
    • It looks like we can make it modulo prefpane or two.

Longer-Term SeaMonkey 2 Planning

  • Toolkit feature-freezes in two weeks for 1.9.1 - the following needs to land before that:
    • Neil's patch to customizeToolbar.js (needs review by gavin).
    • We'll need some ifdefs around the toolkit tests as it assumes the toolkit DL Window entirely. Callek will work on that.


Status Updates from developers - what are you working on, what's the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status)

  • ajschult
    • Session store reviews and problems with Nye.
  • biesi
  • Callek
    • Working on some build config stuff these past two weeks, getting our buildbots to go green (e.g. bug 451812, bug 450983 ).
  • IanN
    • Working on triaging seamonkey-blocking2.0a? nominations
    • Generating patches for some of the above
    • Changed how does CVS checkouts
    • Worked on some mailnews patches
    • Worked on some preference patches
  • KaiRo
    • More work on the comm-central build system, mainly porting fixes from mozilla-central, also some cleanup
    • Cleaning up old xpfe code in mozilla-central
    • bug 451185 package-compare build target - diffs visible in all SeaMonkey build machine logs now
    • Working on making Callek able to back me up in buildbot stuff when I'm not available
    • As always, my blog has more detailed status about my work
  • mcsmurf
  • Misak
    • bug 36810 (Session Store): waiting for reviews from ajschult.
  • Mnyromyr
    • Some prefpanes reviews are still open.
    • Started on treelines patches.
    • Double id chrome test is in.
  • Neil
    • Doing reviews.
    • Addressbook-picker widget is mostly ready for porting addressbook preferences.
  • Ratty
    • bug 428216 (Toolbar button size/mode control): waiting for reviews from Neil.
    • bug 445015 (Migrate SeaMonkey Validation prefpane): taking bug.
    • Modern Theme Update: monitor progress.
  • Standard8
    • Neil and I have got preference pane for addressing items basically ready to commit now. Just waiting on dmose sr in bug 450581 and some tidy up.
    • Started movement on the password manager migration.
  • stefanh
    • working on one prefpane
    • on vacation starting next weekend

Any other business?

  • I'm trying to encourage the SeaMonkey user community to contribute to the more non-technical (e.g. QA, help text, web site) aspects of the SeaMonkey project, so I filed bug 449004 (SeaMonkey Website Install Documentation Needs Updating). I hope that someone can help review this bug so that I can use this as a positive example to the wider community. Ratty
    • Split this up into separate bugs, one per issue and convert the existing bug into a tracking/meta bug.
  • Kuden is working on updating the Modern theme specifically the missing toolkit parts. I think we should let these patches be RTL aware. Ratty
    • Callek points out that the toolkit UI chrome is already RTL aware, so the theme should follow. KaiRo and Neil agree.
    • KaiRo recommends making SeaMonkey RTL-aware component by component, window by window.