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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


Action Items

  • any?

SeaMonkey 2 Alpha

open blockers all blockers blocker requests

We have 2 open blockers right now:

  • bug 427817 Legacy Prefwindow removal: Mnyromyr will check in the patches tonight (CET).
  • bug 450205 Removing feed detection for Alpha 1: will be checked in for release only.

The following bugs have approved patches but do not block Alpha 1: bug 454859, bug 455807.

We are basically complete for Alpha 1


note: Final string freeze won't be until b1.

All SeaMonkey-specific patches until Alpha 1 is actually cut (unfreezing) need approval-seamonkey2.0a1+ (or being for blocking-seamonkey2.0a1+ bugs)!

  • KaiRo will coordinate with the Council and the Mozilla build team on where/when to cut Alpha and how to do that and builds.
    • builds will created manually on the machines that also do the nightlies.
    • As soon as we have bug 427817 in, KaiRo will coordinate on cutting the release, i.e. doing an unnamed "branch" with the changes and the feed detection patch, tagging that as well as mozilla-central and the cvs pieces we have in extensions/ and merging it back to trunk in a way that nothing except the tag changes will be there.
    • Once we have builds, we'll go through the usual dance with smoketesting candidate builds for about a week before releasing them.
    • Thunderbird 3 beta 1 will also be cut in the next few days probably, KaiRo will talk with Standard8 and gozer today about synergy effects.
  • Release notes
    • We need to gather a list of major changes to 1.1.x that this Alpha contains.
      • Contacted Jens Hatlak, who does trunk status blogs.
    • Should we restructure relnotes completely?
      • Who can help with that?
      • Make them span fewer pages than the 1.x release notes.
      • Cover major changes from 1.1.
      • Update the system requirements (e.g. we no longer support Windows NT 3.51) We could probably copy from the README.

Longer-Term SeaMonkey 2 Planning

open wanted wanted requests

Major wanted/needed features:

  • bug 381157 Download manager.
    • No progress. Callek will pick this up after a1.
  • bug 390025 Kill-wallet (password manager).
    • No progress.
  • bug 360648 Autocomplete.
    • Neil will look at Standard8's autocomplete patches tonight, which will switch LDAP to toolkit interfaces.
    • There's some fallout and cleanup to do (e.g. moving xpfe autocomplete to /suite/; making it more XULRunner friendly; remove all the old interfaces, and support toolkit's image code, so that in theory places can give us favicons).
  • bug 382187 Places history.
    • No progress.
  • bug 36810 Session restore.
    • Status: Waiting for reviews.
  • Shell service
    • Port mcsmurfs Windows code to other platforms (Mac and Linux).
    • Standard8a has done a WIP of the Mac shell service stuff in bug 433254.
  • Toolbar customization.
    • We have all the UI now, except maybe for some odds and ends.
    • KaiRo:
      • People want to customize toolbars.
      • Extensions need toolbar customization to possibly place their icons there.
      • Lightning fails to show any toolbar without toolbar customization.

Other Topics

Toolkit feature-freeze (beta 1 code freeze) now Sept 30th - what needs to land before that from our POV?

  • Toolbar customization patch, bug 407725, waiting for gavin's review.
    • It looks as if Neil will have to fork toolbar customisation though as Gavin doesn't seem to like Neils approach.
    • The two main problems are probably (1) pref regression and (2) extension compatibility.
    • KaiRo: suggests doing a tryserver build with Neils patch and then get talos numbers and builds for FF on all platforms out of it, and then someone should go and throw a huge number of some extensions on such a build.
    • Try server builds are currently available at: (Ratty)

Documentation should be redone, we need someone to work on that.

  • One idea is to auto-import in-product help pages to website (and keep them updated) but someone would need to write up a script to do that.
  • Another idea is migrating end-user documentation from to, reworking it to be current - help wanted!
  • Yet another idea would be to set up the SUMO system for SeaMonkey to get a knowledge base and web forums (we probably don't have the manpower for live chat support), some loose contact to SUMO people is available here, but help is also needed.
    • David Tenser from SUMO told KaiRo that we should talk about SUMO for SeaMonkey in Q4, Thunderbird has requested the same and perhaps we can find solutions for both at the same time.

Modern Update: Kuden says mozapps is 60% done (2008-09-11). Ratty


Status Updates from developers - what are you working on, what's the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status)





  • Finished off pref-languages patch bug 444411 for stefanh whilst he was on holiday.
  • Did profile migration patch for download preferences bug 444582.
  • Chasing a=TB2.x for getting branch version of patch for bug 416284 for SM1.1.x/TB2.x.
  • Going to start looking at bugs associated with meta bug 436934 - preference changes post prefwindow migration.


  • Landed calendar on comm-central
  • Worked on porting mozilla-central build system changes to comm-central and clean up comm-central build system code
  • Alpha 1 triage as well as poking and pushing people to get the last blockers fixed
  • More work on improving trunk L10n build infrastructure
  • Tried to get unit test boxes green and almost succeeded (review on last piece pending)
  • Work for getting 1.1.12 release done
  • As always, my blog has more detailed status about my work



  • bug 36810 (session restore)
  • bug 425480 (non-ASCII characters should be decoded in the urlbar)
  • bug 455877 (port Bug 254714 to SeaMonkey)
  • Bug reporting and bug triage.







  • Have been working on switching TB to toolkit autocomplete interfaces, which should also benefit SeaMonkey.


Any other business?