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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


  • Who's taking minutes? -> Ratty

Action Items

(who needs to do what that hasn't been recorded in a bug) We should assign people to the open items.


  • Should we have all NEW bugs that had no comment after 2005-03-10 mass-changed to UNCONFIRMED? We need wider feedback before we make such a move. [KaiRo] will blog about this and post to the newsgroups (including QA) to get wider feedback.


  • Get permission from Google to use their geolocation JSON service [KaiRo].


SeaMonkey 2 Beta 1

Bug Queries

open blockers (1) all blockers (1) blocker requests (7)

  • SeaMonkey developers will need to nominate bugs that they think should be considered for blocking Beta 1.
    • IanN will triage blocker nominations.
  • Thunderbird 3.0 beta 3 dates are still totally up in the air, what should we do?
    • Thunderbird has added one more beta (beta 4) to their schedule.
    • We will set a tentative Beta 1 freeze date at 2nd June.
    • We shall keep in mind a possible beta2 in sync with Thunderbird's beta4 but we can decide on that in the next meeting when the picture on their side should be clearer.
  • Download Manager and tabmail are still the biggest missing items.
  • Tabmail is a prerequisite for Lightning which we would like to support.
  • We might want to take bug 474701 depending on how it works out in Thunderbird.
  • Possible blocker bug 484175 (History Import from SeaMonkey 1.1.x is not working).

Longer-Term SeaMonkey 2 Planning

open wanted (13) wanted requests (16)

Bug statistics for last two (full) weeks: 34 new, 15 fixed, 51 triaged.

Major wanted/needed features:

  • bug 381157 Download manager backend.
    • Callek is unavailable; mcsmurf has a new patch addressing review comments. Pref migration needs to be working when the new download manager lands.
  • bug 472001 UI for download manager.
    • Main UI patch, tests, and integration have r+sr, waiting for backend landing.
    • bug 483241 Fully implement download progress dialogs.
      • No progress, still needs more work and some review comment clarification.
  • Toolbar customization:
    • bug 481862 Small buttons for MailNews. Ratty has the CSS ready but is waiting for Misak to fix the alignment and colour issues with the graphics.
    • The next step is either the Editor (will allow us to kill one pref panel) or the Message Compose windows. In any case they will need both small/large icons to be done.
  • bug 456757 Modern theme update. prometeo has stepped up to work on this.
    • bug 398138 SM2: New ftp listing style missing in modern theme. Patch by prometeo has sr+.
    • bug 493022 Add mozapps/ to the modern theme. Review comments need to be addressed.
  • bug 460699 Make the default theme look better on mac.
    • stefanh: Waiting for ui-review. Lots of things going on IRL atm, but the idea is to have a "complete" patch submitted once ui-r is done.
  • bug 410613 OpenSearch. helpwanted.
    • We need to check if OpenSearch can support all our existing functionality, for example the INTEPRETS section in Sherlock search plugins. Mnyromyr will check on that, and on how extensible the Firefox code is.
    • We probably need to move this item to
  • bug 460953 Port jminta's kill-rdf to SeaMonkey where applicable.
    • There isn't any urgent need for progress on this as long as we don't break. It might be good for extensions if we to convert our folder pane to be JS-driven e.g. calendar wants to put items there.
  • bug 460960 Port Thunderbird tabbed interface to MailNews.
    • New patch is undergoing reviews and testing.
  • bug 348720 New icon set for "SeaMonkey Default Theme".
    • No News.
  • bug 465504 Include an identity indicator in primary chrome (EV certificate UI).
    • Statusbar UI waiting for sr from jag.


Status Updates from developers - what are you working on, what's the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status).



  • Working on bug 207485 Message marked as delete does not change button-text to undelete.





  • Usual reviewing and commenting.
  • Next free time for coding is 23rd-31st May.
  • Need to chase outstanding "New bugzilla components" requests.
  • Still working on TNEF attachments (bug 77811).


  • Lots of work on our new buildbot infrastructure. Trees are mostly green, except for things that look like Parallels problems, IT has filed a ticket with them. All remaining issues are filed, see SeaMonkey-Ports page for a list of open issues.
  • Contacted Google (thanks to dougt for handing me the contact) about using their geolocation service. Will probably take a while as they want to set up general rules for using it with generic registration. Maybe will rework bug 488472 for the moment in a way that does add/update all infrastructure and UI but not the Google URL itself yet.
  • bug 483781 is in, so dlmgr UI can land without breaking toolkit tests.
  • As always, my blog has more detailed status about my work.


  • bug 467249 Modify folderWidgets.xml to be able to XBLify the Go menu in MailNews. Patch has r+.



Working on:

  • bug 483681 [venkman] Make SetInitAtStartup actually work.
  • bug 493077 "seamonkey -venkman" (and others) opens unwanted browser window.




  • Bugs fixed:
    • bug 491310 Port changes in the new Firefox Page Info implementation since the initial port.
    • [toolkit] bug 489580 Whitespace cleanup customizeToolbar.{js|xul} files.
  • Currently working on bugs:
    • bug 86400 Multiple page info windows can be opened (Depends on bug 444917).
    • bug 444917 It should be possible for an extension to reload Page Info on a different document.
    • bug 491676 Customizable Toolbars in SeaMonkey MailNews has problems with multistate-buttons.
    • bug 481862 Small buttons for MailNews. Working on the CSS part.


  • Fixed SeaMonkey bugs:
    • bug 461912 Remove remaining XP_MAC code from /suite
  • Fixed Core/... (but SM related) bugs:
    • bug 140324 NS_ENSURE_TRUE(NS_SUCCEEDED(),) used needlessy in some places; (Bv1) </mailnews/>
    • bug 464707 port upload build target to comm-central apps
  • And working on other areas... like
    • infrastructure to run tests
    • filing bugs for leaks in (TUnit) tests
    • doing an (experimental) Windows mozilla-central SeaMonkey build, reporting to bug 470184 issue tracking; looking forward to SM/m-c builds now that KaiRo is setting up the new buildbot slaves (bug 464325 follow-ups).




Any other business?

  • Should we have all NEW bugs that had no comment after 2005-03-10 mass-changed to UNCONFIRMED?
    • No consensus was reached. KaiRo will blog about it to get further feedback (and post to the newsgroups).