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Web Browser Notifications is a project that aims to design and create a system that allows for notifications from clients (such as web applications or services) directly to the browser of its users. A typical example where such a system could be useful is the eBay auctioning system. If a user makes a bid on an item, it would be convenient if that user could leave eBay and start browsing another web site, but still receive notifications if another user bids on that item, allowing them to act on the bid.

Project Plan

The current project plan is to develop a proof-of-concept that captures the core functionality of the final product. Once this prototype has been developed, it will be used as a reference for building the final product from scratch. This second iteration will incorporate the lessons learned over the course of developing the prototype so that the final version will be more stable and robust.

Kickoff Meeting

Goals for the first few weeks:

  • Write proof of concept that works
  • Design various parts of the system


  • Get simple web-app to server to browser notifications working
  • Design server-webapp API (REST + JSON)
  • Figure out what to use for the server
  • Design server-browser communication protocol (XMPP? something else?)
  • Design browser-webapp JS API for allowing notifications (pushed account token and server URL to client) similar to geolocation API
  • Figure out how to surface notifications in the client (UX)
  • Figure out crypto scheme (bsmith)
Web Apps ---REST API---> Server ---???---> browser clients

Upcoming meetings to be scheduled with:

  • UX
  • bsmith (crypto)