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This is the home page for development of the Sync client bundled with the Firefox and Fennec browsers.

Starting with Firefox 4, Sync is bundled by default with Firefox. In previous versions of Firefox, Sync was available only as an add-on. Upgrading to Firefox 4 should be a seamless process.

Status and Planning

Our full roadmap is available at roadmap.

In-Progress Work

Push to Device 
Sync will support sending tabs between Sync-enabled devices. For example, you can open a tab on your desktop from your mobile browser.
Favicon Sync 
Synchronization of favicons

Previous Release Highlights

Firefox 11 
Add-on sync is supported.
Firefox 10 
Significant changes have been made to the setup experience.
Firefox 8 
No significant changes, just bug fixes
Firefox 7 
Syncing is now more frequent than before and more robust during datacenter maintenance operations.
Firefox 6 
Sync is now more discoverable within the browser and more robust on flaky networks.
Firefox 5 
No significant changes, just bug fixes
Firefox 4 
Sync is now a core browser component, not an add-on!

Development Info

Getting Started has information on general Services team development practices.

Source Code

Assuming you followed the instructions at Getting Started, you should have a copy of mozilla-central or services-central available.

Sync code lives in the following locations inside these repositories:

Location of all the core Sync code. This covers the client API, browser integration, etc.
Cryptographic components used by Sync.
Sync components for the browser UI are scattered throughout here. The heart of the Sync UI lives in /browser/base/content/browser-syncui.js