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  • JavaScript-ability
  • Improved error reporting (more finegrained, helpful, etc.)
  • Be a stable test suite across upcoming refactorings (War On Sync)
  • Provide reliable perf measurements (track regressions, etc.)
  • Better coverage of functionality: reset sync; handling of erroneous server conditions, migrations, etc.; handling of client consistency risks such as unexpected shutdowns…

Plan for Crossweave / TPS 2.0

  • Rename to Test harness and Profiler for Sync (TPS)
  • Python
    • [DONE] refactor using Mozmill 2.0
    • [DONE] remove support for the fx-sync repo and the the XPI version of sync
    • [DONE] improve error handling for timeout conditions and python exceptions
    • [DONE] connect to autolog
    • [DONE] convert config and manifest file format to JSON
    • [DONE] remove result reporting to the MySQL db on brasstacks
  • Harness
    • [DONE] clone tps repo from crossweave repo
    • [DONE] refactor tests to JS format
    • [DONE] support JavaScript tests
    • [DONE] refactor verify/verify-not/sync/... to be function calls
    • [DONE] make all test execution async
    • move test files themselves to services/sync/tests/tps

Plan beyond TPS 2.0

  • Run on all platforms
  • Run against Fennec on mobile hardware (e.g. Tegra boards)
  • Perf instrumentation
    • event loop blocking (using MOZ_INSTRUMENT_EVENT_LOOP, see bug 606574; bug 631571 is the related bug for Talos)
    • memory usage (from nsIMemoryReporterManager)
    • GC operations (setting javascript.options.mem.log and grepping the error console for the corresponding log messages would already help; better even use build with --enable-gctimer)
    • GC + CC graphs: bug 680482,
    • JITing (what's trace or method JITed and more importantly, what isn't? no instrumentation yet?!?)
    • object allocations (no instrumentation yet?!?)

rnewman desires

  • embed in JS tests? (embedded HTTP server?)
  • support fuzz consistency tests
  • more operations (restore from bookmarks to test wipe, for example)

QA desires

  • port mozmill API on top of TPS, so we can have tests against client side setup wizard work
  • create headless TPS, and create javascript/python tests against XPShell
  • support TPS against a fully integrated test staging server, with configurable settings (eg. disabling Captcha)
  • Support for running on mobile?. Start with porting and running against desktop fennec