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Weave 0.2 Requirements

User Experience

  • Streamlined first run, account setup, initial sync and reconnection.
  • Improved error handling and communication.
  • Integration with bookmarks UI to add sharing capabilities to fit within existing interaction model.

Data Synchronization

  • First pass at moving toward heuristic vs. timed data synchronization to achieve "real-time" seamless propagation of changes.
  • Additional data types supported to include: saved passwords, tabs & windows, saved form data and search history.

Data Sharing

  • Secure read-only sharing of existing bookmark folder with another Weave user.
  • Notifications delivered via XMPP.
  • Ability to revoke or delete share by initiating or receiving party.
  • Framework but no support for 1-N sharing.

Security and Privacy

  • Ensure continued end-to-end data encryption and user-centric access controls through all use cases.
  • RSA support in binary components (to replace openSSL) and switching to 3DESC support via NSS.
Performance and Reliability
  • Increased robustness and error handling for all network operations.
  • Splitting deltas into multiple files for performance gains.

Build and Release Infrastructure

  • Full cross-platform support for required binary components (e.g. to make NSS scriptable by chrome)
  • Combining platform-specific builds to provide a single XPI that supports all platforms.

Server Components

  • Switch to plaintext usernames and human readable URL schema.
  • Logging and instrumentation of operational data to better understand scalability requirements.
  • User access delegation to specific server resources (e.g. .htaccess)