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This is a new project template I like to use. It's part checklist to make sure that things don't get forgotten. Please fork and modify.



Short summary of the project

Project Contacts

Principal Point of Contact - Name contact@info IRC - #channel Group Email - TBD


How will you know things are working? What problems does this solve?

Use Cases

How will this be used?


  • List of requirements

Get Involved

Call to action for folks who want to help.


Points of Contact

Engineer - Name contact@info


design elements and considerations. Not required for services with no User facing element, but still recommended to discuss with a rep from the group.

Name contact@info

API Reference/Documentation

Data Schema

How will data be stored


How to call the data

method URI


Arguments argument descriptions
Returns: returned contents

Platform Requirements

What are the things this needs (OS, language, databases, etc.)?

Libraries Required

<i>List of external project dependencies. (Stuff that's not pulled in via the installation script)

Code Repository

Links to the published code bases

Release Schedule

Predicted code delivery dates


Requirements Collection - ??/?? Minimum Viable Product - ??/?? Integration - ??/?? Start of QA testing - ??/?? Load Testing - ??/?? Public Beta - ??/?? Release - ??/??


Points of Contact

Engineer - Name contact@info

Test Framework

Security and Privacy

Fill out the security & privacy bug template: (

For security reviews, there's:

Points of Contact

Questionnaire Answers

1.1 Goal of Feature

2. Potential Threat Vectors and Mitigation Points

Review Status

Bugzilla Tracking # - see

Issues and Resolutions


Points of Contact


Points of Contact

Deployment Architecture

Bugzilla Tracking # -

Escalation Paths

Lifespan Support Plans

Logging and Metrics

Points of Contact

Tracking Element Definitions

Data Retention Plans

Dashboard URL

Brand & Marketing

Points of Contact

Review Meeting

Customer Support

Points of Contact

Sumo Tags

Review Meeting

Documentation Internationalization