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Firefox Social Integration


The objective of this project is to produce a set of personalized Firefox user experiences through an API that integrates social content from third parties.


The Social API is a new API to make it easier for web browsers to integrate with social media services. Once a social service provider is implemented for Firefox, it becomes possible for the browser to display in-chrome user controls and information related to that service.


Role Contacts
Project Champion
  • Todd Simpson (
Project Management Oversight
  • Sheila Mooney (
Product Manager
  • Asa Dotzler ( (A,C,I)
Engineering Oversight
  • Shane Caraveo ( (A,C,I)
  • Gavin Sharp (
User Experience
  • Jennifer Boriss (
Dedicated Engineering
  • Mark Hammond (
Part-time Engineering
  • Felipe Gomez ( (R)
  • Jared Wein ( (R)
Quality Assurancee
  • Anthony Huges (
  • Laura Forrest (
  • First Last (
  • First Last (
Release Management
  • First Last (

The letters following each name stand for:

  • R = Responsible for deliverable
  • A = Accountable for the final decision making on some aspect of the project
  • C = Needs to be consulted on key topics
  • I = Needs to be kept informed

Roles and Responsibilities

Product Manager

Project Manager

Development Team

Business Development

  • Review implementations for compliance with Social API Guidelines.
  • Manage commercial relationships when applicable.