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# [ File a bug].
# Members of MozillaTeam will triage the bug accordingly, modifying whiteboard, milestone and other fields accordingly.
# The request will be evaluated for suitability on MozillaWiki during a MozillaWiki community call ([[#How_to_Participate|held twice monthly]]). Decisions during community calls are generally made by [ lazy consensus], with MozillaWiki module owners and/or peers making the final call if necessary.
# If MozillaWiki team determines the change should be implemented, it will be rolled out to our development instance first. While it implemented on dev, it will undergo testing and security review (if required).
# Once the change has been tested and passed security review (if required), it will be pushed out to stage and finally production.
To request a change or feature, please [ file a bug.]
== How to Participate ==
Canmove, confirm, emeritus

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