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The purpose of the Wiki Working Group is to kick-start a revitalization of the wiki and to create a sustainable framework for empowering the entire Mozilla community to participate in and sustain this effort.
It is not the goal The purpose of the WWG MozillaWiki team is to do all facilitate maintenance and improvement of MozillaWiki. The MozillaWiki team (formerly Wiki Working Group) was formed in early 2014 with the work goal of revitalizing and rekick-vamping starting a revitalization of the wiki, but rather and to create a structure sustainable framework for empowering the entire Mozilla community to participate in and process that will facilitate sustain this effort. We have achieved the first part of this goal (revitalization) and are now working towards incremental feature improvements and assist all Mozillians participating creating a framework whereby the entire Mozilla Community can participate in this effortmaintaining and improving the wiki.
== Goals ==
Build Our main goal is to build tools and establish processes that empower Mozillians across functional, product, and regional areas to contribute to collective stewardship of the wiki. == Strategies == Mirror the [[Contribute | Community Building Team's]] organizational structure and strategies so WWG is not a silo'd working group requiring organizational resources, but a lightweight federation of leaders from across Mozilla that coordinates work across the organization. === Roles for each committee (see committees below) === * Committee Lead* Liaison - connects and coordinates with corresponding CBT committee* These can be the same person
=== Taskforces ===Our 2015 goals include:
Create temporary Task Forces for low-hanging fruit, one-time, or urgent projects that either can't be done outside of WWG, or are acting as blockers for Mozilla as a whole.* implement feature improvements according to our [[MozillaWiki:Roadmap|roadmap]]* If you think a Task Force should be createddocument MozillaWiki [[MozillaWiki:Policies|policies, bring it up during a Wiki Working group.procedures and processes]]* Task Forces would ideally align with a committee essentially as autonomous sub-groups, or as collaborations between committees.recruit an active group of page patrollers
== How to Participate ==
=== Meetings ===
The Wiki Working Group meets '''every other Tuesday at 8:30 PDT (15:30 UTC)''' ([ MozillaTeam meetings are currently on-13/08:30/b/Mozilla%20Team%20meeting In your timezone]). The next meeting is 13 January 2015. ([ Google calendar].) AGENDA/NOTES:
If you can't attend meetings but want to be involvedin the MozillaWiki team, please contact [[User:Ckoehler]], [[User:GPHemsley]] or join one of our communication channels. ==== Participation Info ==== {{Participation_Info|vidyo=8863|vidyoroom=MozillaWiki (8863)|vidyoguest=qRGmRpLHJZHu|irc=wiki}}
=== Meeting Notes ===
To request a change or feature, please [ file a bug.]
== Committees ==
=== Research & Development ===
Leads the WWG in determining goals and priorities through inquiry and design.
Volunteers: jennie, joelle, lyre
=== Systems and Data ===
* Platform: hexmode, jd
* Editorial: lyre, gordon
* Maintains the wiki platform infrastructure
* Maintains tools for editorial maintenance
* Works with the Research Committee to create persistent diagnostic tools to inform WWG and Mozillians across the project about wiki health
* Works with Education Committee to document diagnostic tools for community use and optimize them for accessibility
==== Task Forces ====
* Wiki Re-skin
** Volunteers: hexmode, joelle
* Anti-Spam
** Volunteers: hexmode, ghemsley
=== Education ===
* Creates resources to teach the wiki and wiki stewardship to contributors
* Works with Pathways committee to package
Volunteers: jennie
=== Pathways ===
* Works to turn wiki contribution opportunities into contribution pathways across Mozilla.
* (This is the group that figures out how to delegate all the Wiki work back out to the rest of the organization!)
=== Recognition ===
Possible areas:
* Badges!
* Baked goods!!
* (and more stuffed Dino plushies plz..)+1 (Foxes too)
Volunteers: Sujith
=== Events ===
* Documents best practices of wiki-focused events
* Contributes knowledge of how to incorporate wiki-based work into events to resources created by the CBT Events working group
* Coordinates WWG and Mozilla-wide events:
** Wiki Working Group meetings
** Wiki sprints
** Mozilla-wide wiki gardening campaigns and hackathons
Canmove, confirm, emeritus

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