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Specialist Programs:
* Support Mozilla's mission - find impactful, fun ways to get involved right away on Activate Mozilla -> []
== Specialist Programs & Funding Programs: == ''Participation As a critical part of the mission, Mozilla invests in these innovators and projects working to make the internet more open, inclusive, decentralized, and secure. These programs requires some sort each have their own set of prior experience requirements and an application process, please read carefully.''
Available by application:
* [ Fellowships] - For web activists, open-source researchers and scientists, and technology policy experts who work on the front lines of the internet health movement.
* [ Research Grants & Sponsorships] - For universities, labs and research-focused registered non-profits working to make the internet a better place.
* [ MOSS Mozilla Awards] - For open source projects that contribute to Mozilla’s work and to the health of the Internet.* [ Student Internships] - For university/college students looking for Summer Internshipsto intern with Mozilla.
* [ Open Source Student Network] - A Network of university and college Clubs and students who are passionate about Open Source and eager to learn about, contribute to and create Open Source projects.
* [ Developer Engagement Events] - for people seeking speakers or sponsorship for developer-oriented events.
Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out the conversations on [ the Mozilla Discourse].

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