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=== Wednesday, {{#time:d F|{{SUBPAGENAME}} +2 days}} ===
* <b>[ 13:00 PST] : SecReview - [ Autoland]</b>** <u>Description:</u> Autoland is a system that scans bugzilla for changes made by authorized people, and reflects those changes into hg. It interacts with the releng try system to "try" patches and with hg to "land" them into various trees.
=== Thursday, {{#time:d F|{{SUBPAGENAME}} +3 days}} ===
* <b>6pm CET / 12pm EST / 9am PST Mozilla Town Hall ([ AreWeMeetingYet] for your local time) Foundation Board Candidate Discussion</b>
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! Name
! Bio Link
|Speigel Online CEO and early German blogger Katharina Borchert||
|Brazilian open internet advocate and law professor Ronaldo Lemos||
** If you would like to meet Katharina and Ronaldo and provide feedback on their candidacy for the Board, please join us. Mitchell, Katharina and Ronaldo will be taking questions in IRC, and Mitchell will be accepting feedback directly by email.
*** join #airmozilla for backchannel discussion
=== Friday, {{#time:d F|{{SUBPAGENAME}} +4 days}} ===
Canmove, confirm, emeritus

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