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This is the central Etherpad for all Mozilla Support SuMo Days Hi, Olá, Hola! Welcome! Bem-vindo! Bienvenue, Vítejte, Welkom, Wolkom Добро пожаловать, よ う こ そ, herzlich willkommen + Hello in your language + Olá! Bem-vindo! (por favor, não traduza a PAD)

   + Hola Bienvenidos

+ Dia dhaoibh + G'Day mate! +Annyeonghaseyo! +வனக்கம்

   How to use this etherpad: 
   1. Look for the title of the date for the SUMO day you want to participate and add your name to the participation list
   2. Say hello in IRC on the day of
   3. Answer questions in Social and the Forum for the duration of the day 
   4. Wait for a thank you email to confirm any swag that may have been saved. 
   5 Check in with guigs!

General Info on where to find the community: Say hello to your other members and participants: Participate in the video:

   Watch the meeting live via Vidyo =>

Live chat: #sumo - web-based IRC:

Firefox 60 SUMO Day May 10, 11, 14, 15 2018 Please sign up below!


Forum Post for Firefox 60 features - Content coming end of the first week of May:

   Release Notes:
   Link to Preview on Airmo:

Common issues and troubleshooting to get you started:

   Firefox Safe Mode -
   Fix RAM issues -
   Firefox Crashed? -
    What are my form settings and why are passwords now working? 
   Control if Firefox auto fills forms:
   Passwords are not saved

How to file a good bug:
   Triagers = direct contact to Emma Humphries - 
   What are the insecure password settings?
   Bug updates, 
   I think that may be this bug - please follow the bugzilla etiquette  before contribug to the bug, and see how to vote. 
   This may be a new issue, can you please file a bug with this bug help template, please let me know if you are having any trouble with finding the right component or person to CC. 
   Feature requests, 
   Now that is an interesting feature request, please also let the developers know here: 

Help Needed: Case Triager questions for strategic problem solving:

   Identifying the case and investigating if it is a bug by going through all the basic troubleshooting steps: safe mode, new profile, disabling 3rd party software, malware scan and clean reinstall
   Gathering the exact, specific steps to reproduce the issue
   Identifying it it happens on specific hardware, operating system, and or product version
   If it works as expected, getting the exact information required for a feature enhancement is important
   this will take the form of a bug with "feature enhancement' as the description, or will be a feature request in the git repo of the mobile product (ios, android, focus and ?)
   Before filing a bug, search if the bug already exists.  (How to use Bugzilla's advanced search

Break time suggestions:

       Don't forget to laugh: (seems out of order on 11-03).
       Feel free to take a walk
       Refill your water glass or your drink of choice
       Spend time with a kitty or dog, or baby or partner <3