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Thunderbird 3 Features

This features are probably integrated in Thunderbird 3

  • Lightning Calendar
  • Gmail Support / Search
  • Full Add-on Support
  • New Mozilla Framework (more efficiënt with Cairo Graphics and new Gecko engine)

Please add the following features as well

  • Fully featured contact manager
   _ Persons (with full details)
   _ companies (with full details)
   _ Ability to link e-mails to persons and companies
   _ Ability to link documents to persons and companies
   _ Ability to link persons to companies
   _ Ability to have a to-do list per person/company with reminders
  • A Firefox sidebar.
   _ Developers/user are already familiar with the API/behavior.
   _ Address book, Local Folders and calendar summary could be panels.

Thunderbird Roadmap

Thunderbird Roadmap (not yet Thunderbird 3)