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Open Items



  • Browser Choice / Open to Choice
  • Mobile UA sniffing
  • Mozilla.org L10n



  • Adding a lot more fields to the AMO API - which means the Addons Manager will be able to show more stuff about addons.


  • i am new be nice to me
  • Tasks:
    • Assimilate
    • Figure out what the requirements are for deployment

A magnetic head would severely infringe on the integrity of my computing work; I'd need to wear a tinfoil cap to protect the world from my head. That would still probably be less disruptive than constantly saying Tuck It In.


  • killed all the [need:livepages] bugs
  • caching template fragments to avoid object deserialization
  • htmlpurified fields
  • figuring out how to run zamboni with or without /z
  • themes pages
  • now: working on the homepage



  • (Tuck it in) Socorro 1.5
    • (Tuck it in) collector now saving to both HBase & NFS
      • (Tuck it in) minor hiccups in deployment - resolved, live on staging
      • (Tuck it in) some capacity trouble over the weekend
      • (Tuck it in) triage meeting this week with IT & Metrics
    • (Tuck it in) Targeting NFS replacement with HBase for 1.6
      • (Tuck it in) HBase API is autogenerated using Python 2.1 coding style, Java doc style, stone knives and bear skins
      • (Tuck it in) bridge code provided by Metrics is without unittests
        • (Tuck it in) writing them now - very tedious
        • (Tuck it in) many inefficient functions
        • (Tuck it in) many functions with ambiguous or awkward semantics
      • (Tuck it in) is time for mod_wsgi collector?
  • (Tuck it in) Shoulder
    • (Tuck it in) advances in mobility forward, to the side and the back
    • (Tuck it in) continued difficulty with external rotation
    • (Tuck it in) pain level now only requires medication at night
    • (Tuck it in) physical therapy is brutal
  • after having tried "tuck it in" (and having no clue as to what it means), I'll choose the magnetic head...


  • SUMO
    • 1.5.1 live
    • 1.5.2 nearly cooked
    • On huge learning curve atm for python/git/django/etc so I can be vaguely productive at some point for Kitsune. May I be excused?
    • Trying to work out how to deploy K
    • Planning some more A/B tests
  • Docs docs docs
    • Working on a blog post on SUMO build processes
    • User migration plan
  • Started WhoWorksOnWhat, please add your stuff
  • Threat of slapping, meh. But I do see where a magnetic head would come in handy for screwing with data. Can I have an induction coil so I can send out EMPs?



  • AMO
    • Performed some load testing on stats CSVs. Zamboni scored 3-5 times more requests per second that equivalent Remora requests. Superior caching is key here.
    • Working on adding automated thank-you notes to contributions.
  • I'll take the magnetic head and a metallic cowboy hat.



  • Getting my coding wordpress hats on, building the Webdev blog: Homepage * Page/Post design
  • BYOB UX triage, getting various ducks into various rows
  • Preliminary SUMO forums redesign wireframe work
  • Is "tuck it in" jbalogh's new catch phrase? Because... damn.

I'm out at the doctor's this afternoon, but I send each and every one of you some delicious Sack o' Sauce in a Can o' Meat. Good eatin'!


  • Socorro is my magnetic head
  • Plugin Check
    • Haven't done anything... Hope to switch over this week



  • Personas!
    • Blog posts
    • Fixing bugs
    • Writing specs
    • Planning for the future
  • Cesium
    • Finished a patch!
  • I'd rather have a magnetic head, I'm sure it would come in handy.


  • Trying to get MPL website live by the end of the week
  • Bouncer
    • fixed a number of small bugs in the API
    • wrote black-box tests for front end
    • working on getting it deployed
  • Zamboni
    • porting add-ons details page
    • found a few bugs -- working tests are beautiful!
  • I'd rather say "tuck it in" to avoid bodily injury, considering I already have a magnetic head (but I only wear it on special occasions)


  • L10n is a timesink
  • Craig is making progress on templates
  • Created a Selenium Grid server for development use. Updated the environments page with details and an example. Feel free to use.
  • Also added a CI section
  • You all are saying magnetic head? wtf. It's the threat of a slap, not actually a slap. I'll take that.
  • bonus, since I have it: video of my friend getting tazed yesterday. That's only a couple seconds, in real life it'd probably be closer to 10-15