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Background Themes Content Guidelines

Updated: May 12, 2016

AMO Terms of Service:

These standards may not cover every scenario. When in doubt, theme reviewers are asked to reject or escalate for further input but err on the side of escalating questionable offensive content.

In general, the following kinds of content are not allowed:

  • sexual content;
  • inappropriate, offensive, or hate content (including Nazi content);
  • violence, war or weaponry images;
  • defamatory content;
  • references to online gambling;
  • general housekeeping that is readily apparent without further research.

Copyright or Trademark Violations

Reviewers do not handle reports of copyright or trademark infringements. Determining copyright or trademark infringement is a complicated legal process that should be handled by Mozilla’s legal team. For these issues, reviewers should follow the DMCA process and direct copyright or trademark holders to contact the Mozilla legal team.



  • Any obscene or pornographic material (photographic or non-photographic), including:
    • bondage/violence, bestiality, adult diaper wear, or other sexual fetish
    • bodily fluids (e.g. ejaculation or vomiting)
    • depictions of sex acts via camera angles, cropping, poses, or focus of images
    • nudity (bare breasts of women and/or genitals/bare buttocks of either gender), where the objective is not appreciation of the arts. Female nipples and/or genitalia of either gender visible through wet clothing. Images like Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man or Baroque cherubs are ok unless they are intentionally represented in a sexual context
    • manipulation of images to distort or disfigure body parts, with the intention to shock, e.g. grossly inflated breasts, male parts Photoshopped onto female bodies, naked breasts with nipples removed
  • Any child pornography or suggestive material;
    • Child pornography must be escalated to Mozilla for reporting to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Please send an email to and include the following:
      • Theme ID number
      • Link to the designer’s gallery
      • Short description of the image
      • Date and time the image was submitted
    • With child content, any nudity should be rejected. Areas of concern here also include (a) children's interactions with others, poses, gestures, or other contexts that involve a sexual suggestion or (b) images that, even if not suggestive, may be alluring to pedophiles (e.g., Brooke Shields as a child in a tub or a fully-clothed model described as, "Barely 18").
    • Symbols or representations of pedophilia or child porn (even those intended as satire) should be removed (e.g., pedobear)


  • Violence, War/Weapons:
    • Images that are graphically violent (including images of splattered blood, corpses, dismemberment, etc) or feature weapons or other images of war (like tanks) that are used in a context of violence against a person or animal
    • Images depicting or advocating self-harm
  • "Hate" content against any group of people in imagery or text (i.e. a rainbow flag with an “X” drawn through it, or racial slurs)
    • Note: anything relating to Nazism must be rejected
  • Profanity in text or gestures in imagery
    • Take into account intent. If intent is to inflame or be obscene, do not approve. However, mild profanity used for emphasis or exclamation is ok (i.e. “This theme is the shit!” in a description)
  • Invasion of privacy - themes that include personal information such as private residence addresses, phone numbers, or emails, etc, should be rejected
  • Any theme created for the purpose of airing personal disagreements or disputes should be rejected.


Anything that "trashes" or ridicules another person or entity or company must be escalated for legal review.


Anything that explicitly or clearly references online gambling should be rejected. If there are suggestions of online gambling, escalate for further input.


Image Quality

You may reject themes based on the following image quality issues:

  • Excessively stretched, blurry, or pixelated images
  • Oversized images (usually due to the header and template size exceeding 3000 x 200 pixels)
  • Themes where the image is all on the left-hand side
  • Blank themes, i.e. an all-white image


You may reject themes that are duplicates of another submission. Themes that are identical except for the text color are ok as long as the designer notes the color difference in the title or description.

Description Accuracy

In an effort to maintain the integrity of the Themes search system, you may also reject Themes whose description fields are not an accurate representation of the content of the theme. Use the "Other rejection reason..." field to reject themes for this reason.


Themes that are clearly spam should be rejected.