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The Boulders

  • Supporting Releng with Android Automation Rollout - ctalbert, bmoss, jmaher
    • Dealt with Reftest Resolution debacle last week, have to reflash devices
    • Poor man automation should be complete today for talos, mochitest and reftest.
    • Still running Talos tests on production (Mobile Tree). The tests don't seem to be as stable as they were in staging, Bear is trying to track down what is happening. Seems to be in releng code.
    • Mochitest/Reftest has been delegated to bhearsum and aki this week.
    • Joel working on adding in code to releng's code so that we can modify resolution for tegras+reftest.
  • War on Orange - jgriffin, mcote, jmaher, harth
    • Had two day pulse outage last week, had a gap in the data
    • Wrote a script that downloads logs in place of pulse to fill in the data gap (this only worked because teh TBPL robot was still writing comments to bugzilla. If that had been turned off, it would have been impossible to recover from this).
    • Harth is starting on bugzilla tweaks extension to add in orange factor
    • Fixing up UI, checking in more fixes today
    • Built a webservice on brasstacks to get the "latest build" from tinderbox.
  • Bugzilla Improvements - dkl, glob
    • Pushed several fixes for the Splinter extension to staging server last week. Please continue to give feedback on what is there now as I would like to push it live this week if everything is good with security team.
    • Helped Byron Jones some getting up to speed and discussed tasks/goals for the near future. He is off to a good start working on some of the high priority Bugzilla tasks.
    • Otherwise continuing to help with upstream with code reviews and patches to get Bugzilla 4.0 out the door. They are hoping to release tomorrow but more likely later this week.
  • E10S Automation support - ctalbert
    • Nothing to report
  • User Responsiveness Measurement - ted, ahal
  • Abstraction Interface for Buildbot - ted, jhammel
    • This week, should have a draft interface out.

The Gravel

  • Firebug Test Automation - ahal
    • Got the tests working on the a-team buildbot staging environment:
    • mozrunner isn't able to clean up its temporary files on the windows slaves
    • Next steps -> Check stuff into repos and try it on the releng staging environment?
    • TODO: Need to ensure we have ordered/acquired hardware or vm for running firebug webserver
  • Bug Hunter - bc
    • Still running, cranking out results using couch.
    • Figured out how to handle the log file uploading for the mysql implementation. Thinking of using the django file field uploader.
      • Will store them in specific directories rather than the database.
    • Working on changes to how crash/unit testing work. Couch allowed for fairly unrestricted access to various documents, you can't do that on mysql, working on making a shared table for the common attributes of these two result artifacts
  • Jetpack Hang tests - ctalbert
    • talked a lot with releng last week to figure out if we should go forward with a twig repo for debugging the jetpack failures or simply running them on tools-staging
    • We might just wait for one of the tools-staging environment to open up and debug it there.
  • Mozmill 2.0/1.5.x - harth, jhammel, ahal, ctalbert
    • MozMill + MozMillRestart patch up for review
    • Working on additional stopping bugs critical for 2.0
    • Also rethinking what a "test" is, and might transition our tests to a new format.
  • Fennec Profile Tool - mcote
    • Added a last-minute feature, created a Python egg and a Windows package, updated the project index page.
    • Blogged about the tool, got a couple comments.
  • Profile Manager - jgriffin
  • Bug-stats Websites - mcote
    • smooney started looking at the dashboard.
    • Some confusion with the former site (before it was moved to brasstacks), so I just put a redirect at the old site to the new site.
  • Helping JS team with JIT crashes - ted
    • Did another analysis on beta 11 crashes in bug 633270, still no feedback from JS team, so not going to do any more work currently
  • GrafxBot - jgriffin
    • Refactoring to make grafx bot be able to run both reftest and mochitest style tests
    • Looking into using the jetpack sdk to avoid re-inventing the wheel for some of this support


  • Addon Testing service - harth, anode
    • Tried to figure out what our state is on this project
    • Meeting this week to understand where we are and where we are going.


The Misc

The Pulverized

  • Productize Pulse
  • Profile Manager v1
  • Breakpad for Android
  • Crossweave
  • Grafx Bot
  • Firebug Test Support
  • Mozmill 1.4.2 aka 1.5 Released
  • Bugzilla Review & REST API Improvements (2010 Q2)
  • Implement AddOns Performance prototype system
  • Initial Landing of E10s Enabled Mochitest
  • Websockets Test Infrastructure Support