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  • RSVP for the September All Hands


  • Work with release engineering to reduce overall end-to-end time from push to test result to an average of 2 hours.
  • Ensure all harnesses and tests are E10S ready
  • Improve performance testing by finalizing user-activated addons performance system, xperf-enabled performance testing, and automating a user responsiveness performance test.


  • Go Faster (P1) - jgriffin, ted, mdas, bc, ctalbert, wlach
    • Go Faster Dashboards - harth, samliu
    • httpd.js profiling - bc
    • xpcshell tests slow on Win7 - wlach
      • Pinned most of remaining problems on slow disk i/o on Mac Minis. Potential resolutions to the problems being tracked in bug 675363 -- might be unfixable?
    • speeding up mochitest-browser-chrome - wlach
      • Looking into this, summarized initial work + findings in a post to titled "Going Faster: Mochitest browser chrome test results" (unfortunately this didn't propagate to google groups for some unknown reason, so no link). Going to do some more profiling on mac and 32-bit Linux this week to see why some relative results are so slow.
    • speeding up mochitest-plain - jgriffin
      • working on chasing down more patches for slow individual mochitests: bug 670229
  • Mobile Support (P1) - jmaher, bmoss, ctalbert
    • Ted got a stack for the "Fenenc goes away during talos tpan" bug.
    • matched what the mobile guys found as well.
    • But it looks like a corrupted stack.
    • Tegra Pool Automation - jhammel, ??
  • Bug Hunter (P1) - bc
    • Purify is pretty fragile
      • Got some results from js tests, sent them to dmandelin
      • Working on reftests now, will send results to the layout devs
      • Waiting to see if the results are useful or not.
    • Bug Hunter UI - mcote, bc
      • Still mostly in design phase but started refactoring to support the first crashes view.
  • Mozmill 2.0/1.5.x (P1) - jhammel, harth, ctalbert
    • Release 2.0 Preview today
    • Updating documentation last week
  • Crossweave 2 - jgriffin
    • Landed patch that moves the configuration file that TPS out of the tree, which prevents people from screwing up the tree's configuration accidentally.
    • Returning to make TPS command this week.


  • Talos/User Responsiveness (P1) - anode, ted
    • Sent email to bz/jlebar to try to discuss the a way of transforming the amount of unresponsive period during talos into a reliable statistic.
  • Talos/Addon Testing Service (P1) - anode
    • Trying to get information from addons team on how to use their new Performance API.
    • Got review of trigger script to trigger the performance tests on our side, which is our last bit of code that is ours.
  • Talos/Xperf (P2) - jmaher
    • Waiting on releng to deploy tools onto slaves.
    • Dashboard for xperf on autolog is done.
  • SpeedTests (P2) - mcote
    • Installing BrowserScope on flyingtanks for experimentation.
  • Eideticker (P2) - mcote
    • Waiting on machine from IT.

Web Tools

  • War on Orange/Auto-log (P1) - jgriffin, mcote
    • A few bug fixes. Thanks to glob for noticing someone complaining about missing data in WOO in #developers; doubt that we would have caught this bug otherwise!
  • Bugzilla Improvements (P1) - dkl, glob
    • Security focus: BMO/LDAP cross-matching; hmac/bcrypt encryption
    • Bugzilla security release
    • Bugzilla have finally branched for 4.2, so we'll be starting the long road to upgrading BMO
  • Regression Hunter (P1) - harth, samliu
    • Implented things to allow us to integratec with the storage system that IT is building.
    • The try interface needs a second server -- sam will work on making it so that it can run on the local box with the user's credentials.
  • DXR Automation/Support {P2} - mdas
    • DXR is still pretty immature with regard to automation-readyness.
    • Working on getting it to build and writing a correct log parser etc to automate it.
  • Personal Bugzilla Dashboard (P2) - harth
    • no updates

Tool Infrastructure

  • SpecialPowers (P1) - jmaher, ted
    • Refactored special powers so that it can function in a stand-alone script (for harnesses that run in chrome space)
      • Enables us to bring special powers to other test harnesses and we can use one API across the tests.
    • Only one last leak stands in the way of the waitForFocus refactor which is the last big API that uses enablePrivilege.
  • MozBase (P2) - jmaher, jhammel, ted
    • This is being documented with the Mozmill documentation strategy.
    • Need to break the mozbase utilties out of the "mozmill" repo, potentially. And figure out how to present them to the organization at large.
  • Web UX Platform (P2) - mcote, harth
    • Finished first version of the templeton app server which will eliminate the need to cut & paste init.d scripts and nginx config. Will try it out with samliu's most recent dashboard this week.
  • flyingtanks - mcote
    • Still working with catlee on getting his treestatus app working correctly (he was out last week). Partially working now (no LDAP support yet).