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  • Update from toronto work week


  • Achieve and maintain a 5% or less intermittent orange rate for Android automation (talos and tests) to achieve parity with desktop intermittent orange rates.
  • Expand and enhance our test and performance automation to anticipate and address needs for Fennec and B2G
  • Deploy user responsiveness automation into production
  • Full List Here


  • Goal 1 (Mobile Stability) - jmaher, wlach, jhammel
    • Decisions to hide some of the worst orange on mobile still tracking these failures in weekly wednesday meeting
    • Mochitest is working with native UI
    • Reftest is getting close to working again with native UI
    • Still have questions around how to do browser-chrome, replace tpan and tzoom for talos. Experimenting with various tools that exist in the android space.
      • Ideally we would use Marionette for this, but it's not quite ready (we really needed something as of last Wednesday).
    • Mozbase
      • moved modules from mozmill repo to mozbase repo
  • Goal 2 (Expand Mobile) - jgriffin, mdas, wlach
    • Marionette
      • Working on Selenium proxy; will be finished soon. Testing with the Selenium Python driver.
      • Build out as an extension and get it working from there.
      • Working from chrome now, nothing in content yet, working on that this week
    • Eideticker
  • Goal 3 (User Responsiveness) - ahal, ted
    • Talos User Responsiveness
    • Peptest
  • SpecialPowers for all test harnesses - jmaher, ted
  • Bugzilla 4.2/Pulse/Rest API - dkl, glob
    • qa-migration migration work (currently in test)
    • pulse (ongoing)
    • bmo performance profiling
    • numerous small requests (as always)
  • Bughunter Deployment - bc, jeads
  • Firefox 10 Spidering - bc
  • Mozmill E10S Deployment - jhammel, ahal
  • Pandaboards OS/Flash automation - ctalbert